Another carb question

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Jun 25, 2004
I kinda? messed up my 1/74 Aisan carb.(Don't ask) I had the vacuum advance port on this carb. I friend has a rebuild 11/72 Aisan still in the box.The 72 carb doesn't have the fuel return line.What I was going to do,was take the bottom of my 74 carb off (vacuum advance port) and put it on the 72.Can I also take the fuel return line off the 74 and put it on the 72, or should I plug the return line?
I guess the only thing I can do is try it and see what happens!!! :doh:
My guess would be to plug the return line...but hey I'm no carb guy.

We have two resident experts on board here...(maybe more)

65swb45...aka Mark Algazy

FJ40Jim...aka Jim Chenowith
If you have a question about carbs, shoot Jim C. a shout. He's FJ40Jim on this site.

Good luck!
The return line is not necessary, but you will have to plug it if you don't use it.
Well it worked!!!! I switched bases of the carbs,then hooked up the return fuel line on the 72 carb,and all is well!! It's running great right now.I've decided to go back to the stock exhaust manifold and be done with header issues. Thanks for all the help!

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