Another 60 water leak!

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Mar 21, 2014
Ok I have a stubborn passenger side water leak maybe someone has the magic answer. I got the windshield replaced just over a year ago. There was a small leak in the same location. I thought the new windshield, gasket, body work would take care of it. No rain for a bit after that, so no leak. The following fall rain came a leak again reared it’s head. So I couldn’t imagine it was the windshield again. So pulled of the passenger fender and seam sealed the inner fender. Not much rain after that. Then leaked again. Went back to the windshield place and they filled with more sealant. Where the water is coming in is down the kick panel on the passenger side. So it will drip down and get the carpet damp. Nothing wet above the dash so I was thinking it might be the A pillar via the rain gutter. Cowel drains are clear and flowing. Evaporator drain is draining.




My leak is coming from the rain gutter. Water leaks into the seam behind the gutter through the rust and into the cabin where it mostly runs down the body paneling. Occasionally, I will see it soak the headliner and drip through there if it rains hard enough for long enough. Otherwise, you would assume it's coming from the fender seam or windshield. I have slight discoloration of the headliner at this point so I can see where it's coming from. I'll go snap a picture for you if I get a chance.
This is where my leak is coming from. Check here for water damage to the headliner. If you don’t see anything then dump a few gallons of water down the drip rails and watch to see if it pools in the cabin. Keep the windshield dry and only the drip rail wet if you can.
What is the fix for that? Scrape out seam sealer and re-apply?
If water is in fact coming in through the rust then the gutter has to be scraped out and possibly removed to weld in patches to the pillar. It’s why I haven’t touched it yet. If it has rusted through putting sealer on it won’t fix it. Gotta get welded up then resealed. If you didn’t have a leak but noticed cracks in the sealant then it would just be scrape and apply.

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