AN Fittings, Help Needed!

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Apr 18, 2015
Navarre FL
Making stainless braided lines with AN fittings, where does the brass fitting go? Inside or outside the plastic tubing?
That fitting is for ptfe (teflon) lined hose. You want the "full flow" hose ends.

Just an aside, ive gone to push lock or just plain barbs. The braided stuff is really expensive and/or you'll be permeating power steering/oil/atf/fuel out of it within a year or 2. Ask me how i know. The gates fuel and oil line is available at napa and is really good stuff for a lot less than the nice braided stuff that won't leak fluids all over. Power steering you'll want to use the ptfe stsinless braid with the ends you have pictured here.
This is a PTFE hose. After measuring the hose with a caliper, the hose is not AN3 but an AN4. Looks like the box was mislabeled.
We'll call what you have "non-standard" ptfe. Attached is a pic of what that hose end is made for. The brass bushing goes between the braid and the teflon. Unless that is how your hose is designed, you'll need the full flow version.
Well, the inner plastic hose is black. Not sure if that makes a difference. Also not my rig, but it’s been parked in my driveway for 3 years so I wanna get it moving!

This is what I’ve got:

The bushing or furrule goes between the braid and the outside of the ptfe. Here's a video on how it installs. Otherwise, you'll need different fittings (and possibly a different size if that is true).


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