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Apr 24, 2016
Fayetteville, North Carolina
My 5/80 40 has an alternator model #27020-61013 (45 amps). Is there any reason I can not use model #27020-61071 (55 amps). The 2 models were available during the same time period. My 40 did not have AC. I am adding it. They 55 amp model is available from Rocket for @ $60.00
Local shop wants $100 to rebuild my existing one
At 45 apps I am concerned about the addition of fog lights, AC, roof rack lights
You can use that 55 amp alternator. My 1971 fj40's alternator, rated at 45amps, gave out not long ago. Knowing that Toyota used a lot of the same stuff across their other vehicles, I searched beyond the "land cruiser" parts and settled for a 1971 Toyota Celica 55amp alternator. Exactly the same connector layout. Same size faceplate. Same everything. Perfect match. And best of all, it was still an OEM Toyota part; so I know it'll last me a other 40± years.

Try searching on ebay for Toyota corolla, Celica, hi-lux, etc alternators for your 1980 cruiser. Just make sure you get the one that has the same connection set up as the one you currently have for an easy "plug and play."

Also, you can rebuild your own alternator. I have yet to do my original alternator, but from what I understand, you just replace the internal brushes, which are still available new, from Toyota, for about $6 each.

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