Alder Canyon Feb 4th - 6th

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Apr 19, 2008
San Diego
Well it's been a few years since we made it to Alder Canyon. Our last overnighter was March of 2019. With the recent rains the creek should be running so let's give it another go! This is a local/close run so packing is usually easy. The trail to Alder is tight in places but I pulled the Phalcon last year so if you have an adventure trailer you can make it. This will force me to get one of my cruisers running!

We are doing fajitas Saturday night so if anyone is interested in potlucking it let's go with that theme!

Phulcrum is departing the 76/I15 ride and drive at 3:15PM Saturday. I will be running about an hour or so later than that so if anyone wants to caravan post up and we'll see what we can do.

Attendee list:
- Elripster plus wife and 3 boys
- Phulcrum + fam
- daklakfoto (tentative)
- Helga the FJ60

2019 pics... Events/Trails - Baileys Cabin/Alder Canyon 3-15-19 -

We will be tent camping this year but we will be sure to make the good foods and drink. Our plan is to head out Friday after work which will get us there at night but having been there a few times we know the way. If you come in at night and miss the sign indicating the right hand turn up to Alder, you will run into the Bailey's Cabin. Just turn around and hug the ridge to your left, you'll then see the sign post and make the left. Just follow the trail and tire tracks from there. There is one point where your briefly drop into wash for a quick right/left jog, just follow the tracks and you'll see the quick left to exit the wash.

Usual comms will be in effect.

Without traffic it's a 2 hour drive to Baileys so about 2.5 hours to Alder.


Once in the canyon stay right so you see the sign to Alder and make the right.

Close up of the turn off to Alder but any of these washes will get you there.


Quick right/left through this wash if you come in the main road. Obviously if you are in the wash then you just take any number of lefts to get to the trail up to Alder.


Once in Alder Canyon there are a few places to camp. I'll hit up the first one which can take 3-4 rigs easily. If we get a big group there are lots of spots and turn offs but the main areas are below.

Let's make this a very loose agenda type of trip. There are some washes we can explore, trails one can mountain bike, or one can just hang out and drink beer all day in the creek which is what we did last time...

Later that day....


I'd be down to do some mountain biking if anyone else is interested.

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How's the brush down at the bottom? Iirc there was lots of opportunity for pin stripping.
I haven't been there since May of 2020 but yes typically you will get some pin striping in that general area.

I'm in!
I'm curious, is it possible to get to Alder Canyon from the South/Borrego Springs? I haven't been back to the Coyote Canyon area since about 2011, so its been a minute. Fuzzy memory.
Unfortunately no. That route is blocked off just passed Bailey's cabin.
I read the study they used to justify the closure and it states in the abstract that the results were inconclusive but they recommend it's closure and then it goes on to ramble for many pages. If I was made of money I'd probably try to challenge it in court just for fun but such is not the case.

I remember driving up from Borrego Springs to Anza with my dad a few times when I was young. I remember the "Turkey Track" being pretty rough before they graded it. Good memories. Very disappointed they closed the middle to vehicle access.
I am extremely pleased to say that I got my 80 running and this will make for a perfect shake down!

I am extremely pleased to say that I got my 80 running and this will make for a perfect shake down!

So what was the final problem?
The last thing I did to get it to idle was reinstalled the original IAC. Check the end of the thread below... I have resigned myself to never knowing what actually started all of this. Rats and heating of the harness by the EGR are leading theories but no concrete evidence has been obtained.

My saga
Probably a good idea. There usually isn't much to scavenge.

i'm in for this run...
i haven't been out in a while and need to get some miles on the 80.
should i bring firewood?

we also potluck sat night if you're interested. check the updated post.
We were house of cron week before last. Hope it's goes over easy. We didn't get very sick at all but still had to do all that quarantine stuff.


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