AHC problems - 100 series in FIJI

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Jan 15, 2018
Hi Everyone,

Apologies if this has been covered before... but ive been through what feels like all of the previous AHC stuff but still no luck :(

anyways we have a 100 series in our fleet that was an absolute workhorse for us. Very few AHC model 100 series have come into Fiji and it was going well until the suspension became harder. thinking it was time for a replacement of components we have replaced the actuators, shock absorbers, suspension plates etc... thinking that it would be relatively straightforward. Unfrtunately it has been anything but - after replacement the vehicle has been back and forth from the dealer many times with nobody able to give us a straight answer...

The issue is that after replacement the rear would lift but the front would not ... it has been parked for a while and recently i thought to give it another go... we managed to test the pump (after changing the subassembly) and that works... however it seems that the fluid doesnt make it past the next stage... ( is that the central acumulator that doesnt let the fluid through ?)

i have scanned the vehicle and the errors that i have received are as follows :

C1762 (continuous current to exhaust solenoid)

I would greatly appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction - thanks heaps (and sorry again if this has been covered)
Those fault codes point to a problem with the main control valve connector or it’s harness so that’s where I’d focus attention on. Here’s the diagnostic procedure (for a LHD US vehicle) so you might need to work your way around any differences for your Aus? delivered 100. Good luck, shouldn’t be too hard to sort out. There is a blue/yellow wire (labeled L-Y) that interconnects the control valve and the height accumulator solenoid, when that wire/connector pin is faulty then you get the 31-36 fault codes.


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Thanks for the very efficient reply PADDO - will make some time to get through this and and let you know how it goes :) I might owe you a Fiji bitter (or dozen) next time youre in my neck of the woods ! .. fingers crossed
HI again everyone ! back in fiji and having a look at that LC of ours by myself now :)

so just scanned the vehicle and came up with c1762 error - i have been through the trouble shooting and found that relay was bad - have installed a new relay in the Engine JB and the back of the vehicle has risen ... the pump i assume is responsible for this and works (it makes a whirring noise)... i tried to bleed the system of air by shorting the pins and there was no difference here..... i have replaced the pressure sensor at the pump and know that this is fine now.... so back to being lost ! could it be the accumulator (which in my mind acts as a gate for opening up valves ) is not working for the front wheels ? i have attached the live data that i have ....

thanks in advance team !



i have cleared the fault codes and the c1762 is the only one that came back :)
Hi again team ,

So what has happened since the last post is that the c1762 is still there .... we have tested the motor (works when direct power applied) tried the shorting if the dlc to bleed the system (apparently hit an miss according to the forums) , tried to bleed the system manually (no real fluid pouring out when we open the bleeder screws .... although the back of the vechile was raised and the front was still at bump stops .... we have changed the height control solenoid although haven’t done anything to the accumulator (which still shows pressure of 0 )

Previously We have changed the relay for the ahc that is in the engine jb , changed the relay that directs the ahc ecu (which sits under the steering wheel on the drivers side) .... changed the pump sub assembly and o rings .... and all of the spheres are new .... running out of things to change apparently :0

Is it possible we have a clogged line ? If so where should i look ? Or are we still thinking electrical sensor ? Still determined as ever to get the old girl up though :)

Thanks for your help in advance !

Kind regards
hi everyone - still struggling with our old girl.... just scanned and got the following codes and live data - any help would be greatly appreciated ... a local auto sparky told us to change the pump motor (a very expensive part :( ) not sure if this is the solution but getting to my wits end now :O

don't know if the other fault codes may be from the pump not working ?

thanks in advance



HI Everyone again ! THE AHC is finally fixed !! it turned out to be a pump (had to replace the whole thing) apparently the old pump was just not strong enough which makes me think the although we refurbished it by changing the subassembly the mechanics may have done an ineffective job :( island living ! anyways in case anybody has similar issues - although an expensive part it worked out for us in the end ... and if everything checks out and only the rear of the vehicle raises you might have the same issue :) - so glad the old girl is back !

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