94 sub pipe assembly fit???

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Feb 22, 2011
Hi guys, I am in the process of replacing the sub pipe assembly (pipe between the manifold and cat) on my 94 LC. I ordered a factory replacement, but when I bolt it up to manifold the gap between the pipe flange and cat flange seems to big to draw together with bolts (over 1.5 inches).

has anybody else experienced this? Is there a sequence to tighten the flanges? E.g. Cat first, then manifold or vice versa? Thanks in advance for any help!
Which side, right or left cat ?

Is the whole exhaust OEM ?

If its not all OEM, and anything had to be adapted to piece it together, it could throw things way off.

Don't ask me how I know.
As it turns out I measured the distance from pipe end to the flange (cat side) and on the oem replacement the flange was welded much fruther back..than the original...HMMMMM.. Called the dealer and had them order me a new one, and viola! It fit.

I was replacing the driverside sub pipe, and as I learned, better to cut off the Manifold stud nuts, I snapped one of the studs trying to loosen it even after a week of PB blaster. Local 'Yota tech said the nust are designed to lock on there, and they jsut cut them off, I had to drill it out, retap it (thank the toyota gods it worked.)

Looking at the amount of rust on the rest of the system, looks like i will soon be ordering an EMS Powered full Mani back system. :cheers:

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