92' Intermittent starting

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Jul 18, 2007
New Braunfels, Tx.
There is a ghost in my :princess:'s machine......a few times a week the truck would not start. One click and nothing. Lights in dash would come on like you would expect but nothing cranking. After sitting for 5 min or so it would fire right up no issues. Problem went away after I replaced battery, all pos/neg cables to and from battery and grounds, starter and alternator. No issues for 3 weeks and now it's doing it again. New to mechanics so my thoughts on the obvious is now exhausted. Help!:bang:
check your relays, 3fe are notorious for this issue, get bigger lines from your relays to.

do a search on them. u'll find them
The starter circuit is not related to EFI issues.

If the starter isn't cranking then you should look into replacing the starter contacts. Once you have the starter out and on the bench, it's an easy an inexpensive rebuild. Spend some time searching on starter rebuild or starter contacts.

The OEM parts kit is around $30 and includes 2 sets of contacts and a new plunger.
Thanks guys...my starter was replaced by a local shop less than two months ago. I did most of the wrenching myself except the starter. if it is the contacts wouldn't that be under warranty? Not to be lazy but i think I will run it back there and put it on them.......two young kids, remodeling a house, wife in school and travel for work doesn't leave much time. I will report back what I find.....
Had the same problem a few weeks back. Replaced the starter and it was done. got lazy and did not replace the contacts, but I suppose that would have worked.
OK....now I am starting to feel like a true noob. I ASSUMED that "contacts" were on the starter and therefore if the starter was new they would be as well......'what is a contact and where are they located' :doh:.....obviously I have more reading to do.
OK....now I am starting to feel like a true noob. I ASSUMED that "contacts" were on the starter and therefore if the starter was new they would be as well......'what is a contact and where are they located' :doh:.....obviously I have more reading to do.

Yes, contacts are in the starter. Here's a link with pictures of contacts starting on post #9. Have fun reading and shoot some ??? if there's anything you need to know.:cheers::beer: https://forum.ih8mud.com/80-series-tech/294377-another-starter-no-id-tag-2-2kw.html
Problem is back and this time it takes even longer for it to start. Truck is sitting in the parking lot of shopping center. Probably no coinkydink that it is also the hottest time of year here in central Texas.

To recap when I turn the key I hear one click, lights on dash are on but nothing happens. The same thing when I move shifter to neutral and try and start it. What I have done so far......new starter, replaced +/- cables and grounds (heavy duty), Marine group 31 battery, fuseable link. Had a "professional" remove the remnants of a poorly installed alarm system.

Jonheld mentioned that the relay has nothing to do with starter circuit.... I am stumped.
Check the fusible links. If there old I believe they can mess with you like that .
Thanks but brand new OEM installed last month....:hmm:
You said you replaced the starter. Quite often, well, more than once, a new starter can be a new pain in the ass. They have been known to fail early. Did you ever pull the "new" starter and replace the contacts? Have you done anything since june? Was the new starter some junk from auto puke or crapa?
New OEM Starter in July ( after the Autozone one I had installed 6 months earlier failed).....I assumed the contacts were new when starter was purchased....
....Just went back to where it was stranded and it fired right up. Much cooler now than at 6PM. I know heat is a resistor so there is something to that......
Hmmm, I still think I would pull the starter and clean up the contacts/check them out. The autozone starters are Known to suck, and even the rebuilt OEM ones have been known to fail and generally suck. Don't know why, but have seen lots of posts on it and more and more as time goes by. Disconnect your battery and ground connections, clean them, retighten them. If that doesn't work, check out the starter contacts then.
Sounds like a good project for this AM. Thanks Tenzing....you sound very spry for a would be 97 year old guy.

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