For Sale 91 FJ80 - Built but beat up :)

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United States
SOLD - 91 FJ80 - Built but beat up :)

*** SOLD ***

Well, I always said I would never get rid of this rig, but for the amount of time that I actually wheel it, it is time to part ways and get a new project...


Location - Kitsap County, WA

91 FJ80
3FE - almost 260,000 miles, but runs good :)
ARB Bumper with a Warn XD9000 winch, Synthetic line, in cab winch control
Safari Snorkel
2 1/2 " OME lift, caster correction bushings installed
Longfield BIRFs
IPOR transmission & xfer skid plate
5.29 gears with ARB lockers front and rear
35" Toyo MT's (full size spare)

It's NOT fast, but it WILL get you there!

What else? Oh, comes with complimentary trail damage :doh:

Windshield has a crack

Kind of dirty inside, but seriously, do you care?

Ask me any questions...

FREE CB Antenna with purchase!



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Okay, I'm not one to pimp my own junk :D but I may need to clarify a few things...

In the original title, I said "Built but beat up"

That was just referring to the trail damage on the body.

I bought this 80 in 1995:


Since then, everything I've done is documented in my Flickr phots (link in my sig line)


Aside from a weekend road trip to Oregon a few years back, this rig has never been driven more than 10 miles from my house. Tahuya State Forest and a good offroad area is that close to my house :) So the Toyo's are in nearly NEW condition.


A few other things I've done since I've had it, plugs and OEM plug wires. Religious oil changes. I always check the diffs after water outings. Last winter I pulled the front diff and replaced the air seal on the ARB. Also recently rebuilt the PS pump to get rid of some minor leakage. U-joints replaced a couple years back. Slee HD Tie Rod and Relay link installed. After one of the fender flares was ripped off on an early trip, I removed them all and coated those areas. The coating is wearing off in spots.

The interior was pretty worn from day one, so there is a nicer set of Specter Off Road Bulldog seat covers. They hold up really well. Third row seats, I still have, but the mounting brackets are gone.

I'm sure there are a few other things I'm forgetting....

Bottom line, it IS a hi mileage FJ80. Mechanically, I feel it is sound with a lot of life left in it. Occasionally, I'll get a bug and drive it to town or work. No worries with reliability.

Sure I'll miss it the two or three times a year I take it out and play in the mud and hills.

So, why sell it then? It is currently my 6th car and I only have 5 garage stalls :D

I also have it listed on a local 4X4 board at $4500. There is a little interest there, but no one seems to have $$$ right now.


Nice rig.

Aside from the smashed door, any major trail damage or just the normal scrapes, etc? Does the door still seal OK?

How is it on the highway with those 5.29's?
does the crescent wrench come with it?

Crescent wrench?? :rolleyes:

If it's in the picture, it's included....

Let's also include the CO2 tank that isn't pictured.... (CO2 NOT included) :D

(To not get anyone too excited, neither the house nor the Tacoma are included)
(To not get anyone too excited, neither the house nor the Tacoma are included)

Ah shucks - no basketball goal either?


This looks like a great rig - no excuse to get it dirty, etc!!
Since I've had a couple out-of-staters ask about the 80, I felt the need to disclose that the Cruise Control does NOT work.

It was like that when I got it and despite my best efforts, I never could get it to work. The troubleshooting section in the FSM drove me bonkers. :eek:
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And since everyone loves freebies, I found a few more things on the side of the garage I'm willing to throw in for the lucky buyer... but hurry before I make a dump run.


- Hot tub pump - works, but the bearings scream like a banshee

- Kawasaki swing arm - caught big air one day and it managed to disengage itself from the rest of the bike on the way back to earth. I never did find the rest of the bike :rolleyes:

- Used hoe - I'd include more pictures, but this is a family site

- Two wheelbarrow wheels - one was damaged in a horrible incident

- piece of exhaust system - from my 89 Supra, the PO hacked it to he!!

- leaf blower - works... sometimes. I think it has the 1FZ head gasket syndrome. :flipoff2:

Do you seriously have a lift in your garage? Wow...
Lol, that's not right! But you're 80 has awesome personality!
Hi im from Chicago would u be able to pick me up from the airport if i decide to buy it?
So, for the record, I've had a few folks, including my current potential buyer, ask if the AC worked. I was kind of shocked that my system wasn't blowing COLD air, as last summer I did the system check out that Alia outlined here

So, when I got home today I dug out my AC stuff and noticed the AC Compressor wasn't even engaging when the AC button was pushed. So I proceeded to dump a can of Freeze 12 in. Compressor clutch engaged and cold air started blowing :)

So, I poke around under the hood and find a leak on the drier cartridge :doh:


So, I replaced the oring in there, pulled a vacuum down on the system and let it hold for a while. Everything looks good again. A fresh charge of Freeze 12 and nice and frosty again :D

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