For Sale '84 FJ60 with 4BT conversion

United States
My brother-n-law has asked me to help him sell his cruiser. He is away in Alaska for another 3 weeks. I told him I would help him out so everything I am listing is as much as I know about the truck. I have it at my house right now, starts up and runs fine. Here are the details.

The good:
-4BT diesel from bread truck (used) nothing rebuilt.
-has trans adapter plate to OEM 4spd toyota
-SOA with factory springs, hi steer kit & bilstein shocks.
-new 3" exhaust
-roll cage on inside with rear shoulder belt hookups
-custom fab center console
-powder coated factory wheels

The bad:
-has rust, both surface and thru
-sitting on 31x10.50 turbo techs with less than 25% tread
-needs different trans, either H55 or other, current 4spd max'd out roughly 50mph before tach redline
-needs front drive shaft lengthened
-interior needs some love

Other than those things listed, that is all I know about it. I am glad to take more specific pics and/or talk to anybody on the phone about it. He really needs to sell it. I asked what his price was and he said $8100 but he would take less for offer. I don't know his bottom $ so don't give me any crap about the price. If you want to drive it, pm me and i'll give you my #. Just my $0.02, it would make a great dd or woods truck with some larger tires and possibly trans upgrade. Thanks.


Jun 6, 2005
Menlo Park, CA
Take a look at the pictures again. It is SOA..;)
with a 4bt don't you need to go SOA to get the front drive line to clear the oil pan?
Jul 27, 2005
I called about this one on Craigslist a few weeks ago, the guy I spoke to said there something wrong with the motor? Do you know what is wrong with the motor or what it needs?

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