8274 Broken mounting tab on upper half- Need help

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Feb 14, 2007
Hi Guys,

I need some advice on how to repair a broken mounting tab on an 8274 that I just purchased. I bought the winch and started taking the two halves apart to inspect and lube the gears and noticed that one of the three mounting tabs was broken (the one and only one on the inside). The two outer ones are ok. The tab broke on the upper half so the bottom one where the threads are is ok.

The material looks to be aluminum. Is this a common issue or is it unusual? What would be the best way to repair this? Is there a load on the upper or is it just to keep the two halves together and tight for the gasket? Maybe JB weld?


Thanks in advance,
A good welder (one that truelly know his $4!t) could probably help you out.

Depending on where the break is you may have to redrill and tap the mounting bolt hole.

You may look for a used up no good 8274 and pull the part off.

thanks GR! I never tried JB weld, do you think it would work for this application?
Negative !

I't not rated to hold a load or the strain your winch could put on it.

It needs to be welded, do not try anything else.
thanks GR! I never tried JB weld, do you think it would work for this application?
Hilux...'zat you?:doh:
Not a chance. Weld the area and then redrill and tap the bolt hole, as required.
GOT IT... I'll be searching for a capable aluminum welder.

thanks Guys!
You should be able to find a shop that does TIG repairs to aluminum tranny cases, crashed motorcycle frames (racing) etc. Check my thread, I had alot of repair welding done to one of my 8274's. Including two of the mounting tabs. Just a note - the tab isn't threaded, there is a square nut in there that is held in place by gussets on either side.

Good luck
I think I may have a spare top housing for your 8274...can you post up pictures or a link to the part you are talking about?
I was able to fab a small stainless steel block that replaced the broken tab on mine. It was a lower tab rather than an upper tab though. The block bolted to the aluminum housing and provided a threaded hole to bolt the remaining tab to. It worked great as the winch was numerous times after the repair.

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