SOLD 80 series interior tire carrier and sleeping platform SLC, UT

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Jan 3, 2008
United States
I have a tire carrier and sleeping platform out of my 80 that I'm not needing anymore. It's a carrier I made, but it's very similar to one that LCP made. The sleeping platform bolts to it (and some of the 3rd row mounts) to make a flat sleeping platform for 1 person with the second row folded down. No mods required to the Cruiser other than removing the 3rd row seat hardware. The platform is 13" tall, which makes a flat surface when a spacer is placed under the 2nd row rear latch to make the seat-back level. I just used a 4" chunk of 2x4 lumber to set under the latch when setting up camp. Easy peasy. I'm ~6'1" and I fit on the platform/seat bed very comfortably. Also, the platform/shelf makes for a more efficient use of space when packing up your junk to go explore. A small Action Packer (or 4) will fit snugly underneath without any need for straps.

Pictured it is holding a 35x12.5 (and even a 37x12.5 MT/R in a pic or 2...) but will fit any tire of the same (or narrower with a spacer) width. There is no limit to height except the roof of the Cruiser - there is enough height in the cargo area that a 37" tire will fit. Just release the ratchet-strap and roll the tire out. I'll include all necessary hardware to bolt it into the back of your 80. All the steel is painted textured black, and he platform is grey carpet-wrapped 1/2" ply. It doesn't rattle or move in the Cruiser, even when you're driving hard enough to keep up with @cruiseroutfit .

Will fit any year 80 as long as it has the 3rd row seat mounting holes in the floor and rear fenderwells.

It's dusty in the pics, but it's in very good shape.

I'd like to get $200 for the whole setup

Located in West Jordan, UT. Local pickup is preferred, but I am willing to ship on your dime. Due to the size, they may not be cheap to ship...









37" tire in the carrier. Not strapped in yet obviously, but I ran the Rubicon with this tire in there and it was SOLID.

Very nice. I don't need the tire carrier, but would like a platform like this for my 100. @LandCruiserPhil are you making these?
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Very nice. I don't need the tire carrier, but would like a platform like this for my 100. @LandCruiserPhil are you making these?

No, Just getting started on 100 stuff but Im taking notes. I do like @bryson design simple, straight forward and effective. His approach to securing a tire is very solid at a super price. I had one of my tire carriers (very similar) go end over end totaled the 80 and the tire never moved.

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