80-series Double Cupholder

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Jun 3, 2003
Plano Texas
United States
This is the oak/tan color double cupholder sold in dealerships parts departments. It is designed to bolt into the rear of the center console of the 80-series. The entire unit is color matched and molded for an OEM fit on an oak/tan interior. It's made by The Cupholder Company (1-800-SPILLFREE), and it sells for $99-119.

The entire unit brand new except for one of the cupholder as it just returned from repair after my daughter used is as a step to get into her car seat :frown: NEW: backing plate, one cupholder.

$70 + shipping.

There were some confusion on the condition of the cupholder unit I want to clarify.

The cupholder unit consists of three parts - two individual cupholders and the backing/mounting plate. The cupholder unit was damaged and sent in for repair. As part of the repair process, they replaced the backing plate and the left cupholder. The only original part is the right cupholder, which is still in very good condition.
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Would you mind posting a pic of the back side of that bracket? I assume that you must drill holes through the back of the center console and bolt it through?
The backing plate on the cupholder is curved to match the contour on theback of the center console. The cupholder includes self-tapping screws to mount the cupholder to the center console, but you can always use heavy duty double sided tape, like the ones used to mount the wheel well flares to the body.
I have one buyer express interest before tacomafj-80. If he doesn't respond to my PM by Friday this week, it's yours.
thanks. let me know :beer:

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