80 series birfields

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Sep 5, 2007
lenexa, ks
Ouch. I gave piles of parts but not what ur looking for. Sorry bro. Did ya try Eric Vogt he might have stuff lying round his place? I think alex had found an 80 IN a local yard and pulled diffs out.

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No, have not heard from Eric about local yards. I know there were a couple rigs over at local yard. Anyone else know of local yards with cruisers?

So, I plan to put larger tires on this rig, but not crazy tires. mostly on road, but some light to medium trails. I am thinking OEM, not longfield. Any thoughts on the quality at cruiserparts?
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Have you tried throwing/pulling the axle through piece of pipe?

For $110 each until Friday Cruiserparts.net is worth a try. If you aren't as concerned about using new parts contact Slee and inquire about their "clicking" birfs which I think were $50 each. If you're not planning to wheel the truck really hard they will work fine for many years. Until I went part time with my truck that was the cheapest option for spares. I'm sure you've read up on the Longs and determined they are not a good option if you retain AWD and put miles on the truck as they will wear out quickly.
Yep, tried the pipe method first. even got a long pipe so it would be on the ground. Erik always told me the short side shaft was harder to do with this method due to the less weight. I thought about putting a long threaded rod into the end of the shaft and then threading a spare shaft opposite it, and thus doubling the weight, but my luck it would break off in the shaft.

Anyway, the FSM method with a brass drift and hammer seemed like much more force. I beat on it with a heavy sledge with no luck.

Since the birf is toast, I was thinking about cutting it open with a grinder wheel or the metal bandsaw at work to see what the heck is holding it on and recovering the short shaft.
If you're going to replace the birf anyway surgery sounds like a fun option. Not that I don't break birfs enough and have the knuckles open a couple times a year but I'm glad I removed the C clips just in case.
I've butchered more than one birf to get them apart. normally not much holding them other than that little clip somewhat bent.. Usually cut up course spline birfs to save inners.. I'd try to save the race if you can..
Just for safety sake try tapping it back together than back apart?

HOw bout a clamp around the axle, using a couple wheel bearing splitters and pushing them apart? Just an idea.
I'd order new stuff, then set this on the shelf while you noodle on it for a bit..

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