70 series PTO winch + Aisin1000 elec winch - what are they worth?

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Sep 1, 2020
Moving back from Asia to the States and can’t take my LC with me due to having an engine swap - it’s a 1992 LJ78 with a swapped in 1PZ diesel + turbo. Apparently for US import, engine has to be original. 😩

Am thinking about parting out some of the accessories before selling the car and taking them with me. Question on the winches - what are they worth in the US? I have two in my rig:

1) Toyota PTO winch complete with PTO gear box (single direction), and drive shaft/pillow block. I think from a 70ies or 60ies series but not 100% sure. Installation write up here.

2) Aisin A1000 electric winch (original on 70ies/80ies), comes with original controller and controller bag.


Not looking to actually sell but trying to figure out if worth the hassle of uninstalling/shipping or better off selling with the car and buying in the US.


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