4th Annual 4WDABC Show n Shine, July 9th from 10 am to 3 pm

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Jun 6, 2003
Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
The Four Wheel Drive Association of BC is hosting it's 4th Annual Show n Shine at Fraser River Heritage Park.

All four wheel drive vehicles and clubs are welcome.

So come one come all, mudders, crawlers, adventurers, weekend wheelers, expeditioners, mall crawlers, come out to enjoy this fantastic 4x4 extravaganza!

The event will be held on July 9th, from 10 am to 3 pm, at Mission Heritage Park. Trail runs and camping is an option after the show.

We hope to see a large Cruiser contingent. :) Shhh, don't tell anyone but Wilbur will be there.

I'll be there for a little bit, to at least get some raffle tickets and then pass them off to some honest cruiserhead to hold :). My Nephew is getting married the same day even after I explained to him the real significance of the day...
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You had me at Wilbur...
I'll be there till about 1:30 then I need to get my wife and son from YVR. Are we going to set up as a group?
I'll be there till about 1:30 then I need to get my wife and son from YVR. Are we going to set up as a group?

We will be parking vehicles with their natural groupings and clubs, so yes, the Cruiser Club will definitely be together.
I'll be there sans Cruiser! :bang: , still doing the tub swap.

I should be there shortly after 10, getting the Subi serviced (rear wheel bearings after 200+k)

Big turnout...nice to see a few familiar faces, even got a raffle prize (3' strap :hmm:)

Hope to chat a bit more in a couple weeks at the cruiser show :beer:
Anyone own a camera?
I too exactly 0 pictures. Glad I stretched the Drifta 270 out for the rain squalls that passed through. The Goodyear blimp did a flyby as well! There are some folk who have linked photos to the 4WDABC FB site.

Props to Kim and crew at the 4WDABC. Upwards and onward; every year better then the last.
I didn't take a single picture either. I was so busy that it never occurred to me. Not even of Wilbur! How stupid is that?
Geez, the only 2 pics I took were of a bitchin' glass bodied early bronco :doh:
Good to see Wilbur with some proper tires .
Thanks guys

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