460-Backup camera washer

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Jun 18, 2017
Inspired by IH8Mud member (ZHS) who had a backup camera washer thread on CL. He has a method even cheaper.. I did more of the plug and play option

I installed this backup camera washer a little over a week ago... (I know.. seems like a gimmick) but have had plenty of situations now especially in the winter when camera was unusable.

Easy install if you have ever had the rear panel off before. Camera is held in by a couple screws you just move over to the other mount. The stream can be aimed as well with a small pin. It was initially too low but brought it up and it coats the lens thoroughly. I get a lot of snow & dirt buildup in the winter and renders the camera pretty useless at times so this should help. Everything fit like a glove and the window sprayer still had plenty of fluid to work with on the rear window. I'll adjust further if needed.

Initial shipment got lost so they had to resend. If interested email them and ask them to invoice you via Paypal. English is not an issue.

2010-2013 version

2014+ version

We don't have the snow you have, but after wheeling on dusty roads all day or even in the mountains in the winter, I have to take a damp paper towel and wipe off my backup camera.
Did you have to feed 20 feet (or whatever length) of hose through/under your vehicle to the rear door?
I assume it comes with it's own pump. Where did you put the Washer switch? Or did you tap into your headlight washer switch?
This simply taps into the rear window washer. There is still plenty of pressure going to rear window. One could certainly setup in other configurations as needed.
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I'm an idiot...
Didn't even think of the rear wiper/washer we have... :doh:
Everything could just tap into that!

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