40th anniversary vs Collector Edition

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Jul 30, 2003
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Trying to find out which one is more rare? :confused: I will do a poll to find out how many owns a 40 and how many owns a CE. :)
All 40th threads ttt!
Collector's Edition - but when I bought my truck (when I was naive), I was told it was a 40th. Do I have both?
I've got a CE.

I've heard there were less CE's badged, but its all hearsay. Not much info on the web about either package.
In my experience - in the California market several years ago - the CE was by far the most infrequent model seen (I never saw one for sale). In fact, there were far more 40th models around than standard badged 97s.

So... the 40th was the most common, not the other way around - out here, at the time. Up here in the foothills of NE Calif, one rarely sees an 80 of any kind, so no way of telling about the balance of models at present.

FWIW, there was a total of 11,502 1997 LCs delivered to North America. (Stats posted by other members on numerous occasions over the years.)

Cheers, R -
Again, I think both the 40th and the CE were simply marketing stunts by TMS to slam out a fat last year production run of the 80 in the US. Somewhere somebody said "Hey, let's order up a few trucks with unique paint, add a few tricks like the Lexus automatic climate control and some badges and call it quits." Neither truck nor the paint codes are mentioned in my 1997 Toyota brochure. In all my shopping for the last 3 used 80s I have owned since 2000, there have appeared to be 4 to 1 more 40ths on the market than CEs.
Sounds like a question for Dan The Voodoo Man....

Although I have read the CE was a dealer or at least regional promo, so the factory might not have stats.....

I have seen more 40ths here than CEs....

I like them both, I'd still rather have a more rare black one with chrome package....
I suppose that both versions could be refered to as "marketing stunts" but they do have features not present on other 80 series versions, that being the side mouldings, A/C, and different color wheel accents. The 40th also got distinctive leather and a "non-standard" body color (sage).
I wasn't counting when they came through the store new in '97 but I believe that we got more "regular" '97's than Collector or 40th. If you add the two togther it may have been about even.

I have a CE
I own an CE. Plus the 40th annv. Jacket that was mailed to me from Toyota.:grinpimp:
Silver CE here. Seen alot more 40th ann. Models for sale as others have noted. I like mine alot! Bought it right from a local recreational pharmaceutical delivery guy. He's in jail now.

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