40 wheels and tires

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Feb 10, 2015
I have read and read and now want to verify. I don't want to lift, I have 30x9.5x15 now.

Are these stock wheels?
Is the 30x9.5x15 , 31x10.5x15 or 33x9.5x15 better on highway driving 75mph?
Which is better if you have no power steering or lift?
With 9.5 does the fj center of gravity, rolling become an issue?

That is definitely a factory wheel and hubcap. You should be able to fit all of those without out a lift. The 10.5's are going to be too wide for most major tire distributers to mount on that rim. I found a local shop that would do it, but Discount will not due to the width being wider than their safety margin allows.
I have 31x10.50 on my stock fj40. They fit and look nice. Just put BFG 33x10.50 at's on my fj45, also stock with the exception of extend shackles. The added height of the 33's is nice on the highway. All are on stock steelies.

I have a buddy who just took his stock '83 fj40 in to get the same 33's and they were a little too big to fit. It all depends on how much sag the stock springs have. Flexing either off road would prob result in some rubbing on the rear fenders.

33x9.50 are sweet but no longer made.

As far as manual steering. I didn't hardly notice a difference switching from tiny little Dunlop weather masters to the 33's. If your moving its fine, parking and slow speed takes some muscle.
Thanks, i found 5, 33x9.5 with 1300 moles on them here locally. Made in july 2013. Those seem to work with no rubbing i think
I think i should get they sound like a great fit for the fj

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