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Nov 19, 2011
Atlantic Beach FL
I've been on this forum for about 6 years, mostly as a spectator admiring the work and ingenuity some of you put on display. Slowly putting my 88 FJ62 back together with the help of some friends (Gunnar & Deo in Gainesville, FL). It is getting close to completion so I thought now might be appropriate to start sharing with you guys.

So I bought my first FJ62 off of eBay from Philly PA about 6 years ago. I live in Florida and while I've dealt with rust to some degree, I had no idea what real rust from Philly and the snow covered roads would do to a vehicle. I also wasn't aware of the level of cancer these vehicles can suffer from either.

The good: So the rig was super clean, inside and out. Family owned since new. Had roughly 225k miles and a perfect interior with no dash cracks, original radio and everything worked. It drove awesomely from the moment I got it. However, I sprung a serious oil leak in the first week and replaced the oil pan (OEM of course) and drove it every day for the next couple of years.

The Bad: in those couple of years, the rust basically ate my rig from the inside out. It became very apparent to me the day I busted my rear shock tube while wheeling in some dunes. Also my rear quarters were beginning to disappear from the cancer as well.

So I had to make the call on whether to sell it or restore it. I was on the fence until one day I found an amazing frame for sale that had been removed from a cherry 62. It had the body removed for a swap to an 80 series (which was an amazing build). So I bought the frame along with the axle housings, wheels and tires and had it shipped down.

About 6 months later I made contact with Deo (MelLowe) down in Gainesville and we discussed what it would take to get the frame swapped out and fix the cancer on the body. I trailered my rig and the rolling frame down 4 years ago and of course it's turned into a complete nut and bolt resto but also a great friendship.

I am posting some pics to tell the story and I will elaborate over the coming weeks with updates until it's complete. I'm not very good at taking pics of progress when I'm down there but I think knowing that this thread is posted will make me more apt to capture Gunnar's work and the small bits I get accomplished when I spend a night on the rig.

Enjoy and thanks for reading.

sorry for the multiple posts for pics but I couldn't figure out how to add more than 5 at a time on my phone. They're not necessarily in the best order either. Also, I have lost a ton of pics due to an unfortunate accident I had while hiking (alone like an idiot) across the Suwanee river with my iPhone in my pocket. I fell in the river, fried my phone and of course my phone hadn't been backed up in over a year at that time. I will get some more up to date pics soon.
I love seeing people save Land Cruisers. Every time I see rust I run, so I'm glad to see that you took on this project and are giving your 62 another 30 years of life.
I too love to see another landcruiser rescued from the scrap heap! Truly great work and really inspiring for anyone who loves these trucks. Thank you for sharing.
Beautiful job!
Impressive - a ton of hard work went into that! Like the color - is that the OEM color? You must get a few admiring glances from folks in FL.
Yes it is the factory color. My goal is to make it look as stock as possible with a couple of upgrades like 33's and a 3 inch lift.

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