2F with no heater

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Jan 21, 2012
Qld, Australia
Hi all I have a 71 FJ40 and replaced the F155 with a 2F from a FJ60.
The 40 has no heater and appears to have never had one. The F155 has a plug in the rear of He head where the heater t piece would go, do I need to have a hose that runs from this point to the lower radiator hose to help bleed any air from the head?
The FJ60 lower hose has an outlet for a heater hose hook up, see pics below
If you are wanting to install a heater, these photos may help:

The rubber hose on this valve connects to your top photo. Another hose comes off the valve and connects to a hard line that goes through the firewall. Also, you see the horizontal hose - that also connects to a hard line inside for recirculation.


It's hard to tell but I think in your third photo from the top this is what you're looking at. The small hose coming off that T goes to the hard line that is mounted to the engine block that feeds the horizontal hose above. Make sense?

Thanks for the pictures, not sure if i will fit a factory heater as there are no holes in the firewall for the hoses or fan assembly.
Will look at a aftermarket heater or earlier factory model down the track.
More concerned with having the plug in the head ( at the T-piece for heater ) not allowing coolant to flow/bleed from head.
I will remove the plug and bleed any air out of the head while refilling coolant, was also looking at a better way to plug the T at the lower hose.
I wouldn't worry about it just from the standpoint of a bubble in the head...unless you only drive downhill. As soon as the truck is on a good incline, nature will take care of business, and unless or until air is reintroduced into the system it shouldn't be a problem.

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