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Jan 28, 2016
San Jose, CA
California, United States
I picked up this 2019 Schutt X-Venture XV3 last summer and have used it for around 10 soft-roading trips throughout the summer and fall. We originally purchased this trailer primarily as an experiment to see how well a trailer fits into our life. We've ultimately concluded that we'd prefer something more in the camper category and thus decided to put the XV3 up for sale. We'll likely revisit the camper scenario in the future when we have more space to store one. Overall, we've been very happy with the trailer but always looked at it as a short-to-medium term solution.

Asking Price: $SOLD
Located in San Jose, CA
Currently insured and titled in CA
Stored indoors for its entire life (except when used)

Schutt 2019 X-Venture XV3 Deluxe Plus with Slide-Out Kitchen (SCHUTT - BEHIND YOU ALL THE WAY).
  • Base Trailer
  • Galley Kitchen Add-On
  • Cross Bar Kit
  • Brake Kit
  • Max Coupler
  • Line-X Upgrade
  • Water System
  • Water Heater & Shower System
  • Lighting (reverse, cargo bed, roof rack for campsite lighting, rock lights)
  • Rhino Rack Pioneer Tray Roof Rack
  • Hard Tonneau Cover
  • Odyssey Battery, Zamp Solar Controller, Noco Shore Charger
Additional Features / Mods:
  • Wrap: 3m Matte Black Wrap
  • Tires/Wheels/Hubs: 34" 285/70r18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers and Fuel Beast Wheels on 5 on 150 Hubs to match the 200 Series tow vehicle (note that the original hubs/wheels/tires are not included... I gave them away) => I'd be willing to buy back the wheels and tires if you end up replacing with something to match your vehicle.
  • Tent: Eezi-Awn Stealth V1 (Don't want it? Subtract $3000)
  • Cooking: Hard-Mounted 18" Partner Steel Stove (Don't want it? Subtract $200)
  • Propane: Worthington 10-lb Aluminum Propane Cylinder, Powertank Propane Mount, plumbed for dual propane for the water heater and stove (I deleted the propane kit from the package so I could install my own stuff) (Don't want the tank? Subtract $200)
  • Electrical: Redarc BCDC1220, Victron Battery Monitor w/ Bluetooth, Quick-Disconnect 175A Capacity Anderson Cable (though the Redarc only pulls in 20A) (Don't want the Victron? Subtract $100)
Problems / Known Issues / Usability Quirks:
  • The "passenger" side rear stabilizer jack feels a little "sticky" when deploying or putting back up
  • It's easy to kink the propane hose for the stove when extending the slide-out kitchen.
  • The tent was not purchased with the trailer. We installed it on the Land Cruiser in 2018 and it's been on many trips. The RTT did experience a leak early in its life as it was one of the very first Stealth tents in use and we ended up needing to put a bead of silicone along one of the welds on top of the tent. Eezi-Awn now ships tents from the factor with that silicone applied. I'd rate the tent at 7/10. It clearly shows signs of use but has a ton of life left in it. It's also an objectively awesome tent if not on the heavy side. I want to underscore that this is a V1 tent so it has the original style of latch (which actually requires a decent amount of sleeping gear inside the tent to stay taut and there's no electrical within the tent like the new ones.
  • I smashed the original 7pin connector on my first trip and subsequently replaced it. It's working perfectly but you can see where I spliced in the new connector.

More Photos: XV-3 Trailer - coledudley
Walkaround Video: XV-3 Trailer - coledudley




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Feb 3, 2020
Minneapolis, MN
Yes, that is correct to the top of the pioneer rack. And to the top of the tent as well - sorry, for some reason I was thinking the tent was not included.


Jan 28, 2016
San Jose, CA
Sorry for the delay. Couldn’t make it to the storage unit until today.
Ground to bottom of water tank skid: 23”
Ground to cargo bed: 31”
Ground to roof rack: 68”
Ground to top of RTT: 80”


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