2018 LC200 with 44000 miles sale for 51K?? Thoughts?

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From a private seller, any thoughts?
Well in excellent condition and 44000 miles private party sale is between $59965.00- $64000.00 So im not sure where your coming up with $51,000.00 unless its beat.

Just booked out my 2018 LC200 with 15500 miles and I came up with between $ 66,635.00 - $ 70,430 private party sale
Too good to be true if it's above a 7.5/10 condition...

Probably a scam but jump on it if you can.
From a private seller, any thoughts?

If from a dealer...surely a scam or damaged goods. Private seller? Worth looking into, but very thoroughly.

Every once in a while, private sellers just flat out don’t know what things are worth...or just don’t care. So who knows...
Earlier this year when I was shopping around, every single time I found an LC that was priced that low, it had an accident reported in its carfax. Every time, without fail, that was the reason for the reduced price.
Definitely seems strange. The other day I did one of those 'Instant Cash Offers' for my 2017 w/ 60,000 miles and was quoted $49K-$54K on a trade.

However, it could be a special circumstance but I would proceed with caution
post the vin and we can check the history
Given the CarFax report there are no obvious red flags other than the third owner for less than a month. But the price seems way out of line. As such, it does not pass my smell test. I might poke at it, by sending someone to see it in person. But would absolutely not send any monies in any form.
I think CarFax is compiled of reports from dealerships (maintenance) and insurance companies. If an insurance company pays for repairs they report to Carfax. This means not all accidents with police reports show up on CarFax. If there were damage the owner paid cash to repair, it would not be on CarFax.
Car appears to have been recently sold from a dealer with some pretty bad and scathing reviews. If the vehicle/ad is real and the current owner is selling after buying and paying taxes and registration just 2 months ago, my guess is he got screwed by this dealer and the truck has serious problems. The Carfax itself shows the value as being $63k+, so why would the seller list for $51k unless he knew there was an issue?


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