For Sale 2005 Access Cab 4x4 6 Speed - SoCal

Jan 10, 2016
Huntington Beach
Truck started out in AZ. I bought it from a firefighter in Phoneix who was driving back and forth from Flagstaff all the time. He put ~80k miles on it in 3 years, and I have added another 83k in the past 9 years. Mostly road trips to and from AZ/ CA and all around the southwest. It has been wheeled a few times, but not a ton. Paint does show AZ pinstripes. Roof and hood were repainted a few years ago by a shop I worked at that built concept cars for big auto shows (it is a strong paint job). Rear quarter panels and door sill over front doors are showing signs of sun fading.

2005 4X4 Access Cab
- 4.0 with ~163k miles
- 6-speed manual
- 2011 Tacoma TRD Sport 17" wheels and BFG AT/KO 265/70/R17 tires with 20k miles, plenty of life left (Discount Tire/ America's Tire certificates for replacements included)
- Bilstein 5100 adjustable ride height front shocks & OME 885 springs (currently set to level to minimize wear and tear on front CVs)
- Bilstein 5100 Rear shocks - Replaced November 2016, ready to roll!
- New Toyota TSB 3 leaf - leaf springs and an AAL - November 2016
- this setup is meant to carry a shell or a load, without weight in the back it will ride like a truck should, stiff. You can pull the AAL out in a few hours if you don't plan to carry a load or a shell
- Aftermarket exhaust, throaty, but not noisy (need to confirm model)
- Interior is pretty much stock
- Cabellas front seat covers (cloth underneath is in super good condition)
- Super dark tint, for those CA/AZ summers :)
- Viper car alarm with remote lock
- Key fob makes extra beeps like it is not receiving a confirmation from the truck, but works fine. I had a shop check it out and he said to not worry about it. In the 8 years I have owned, the alarm system has never locked me out

- Front wheel bearings and CV boots replaced 2015 at dealer (~$1,000)
- Oil changes every 5k miles
- Full brake fluid flush June 2015
- Marlin Crawler Shifter Seat installed June 2015
- New rack and pinion with polyurethane bushings installed June 2015
- Replaced all 3x U-joints 1/30/16
- Replaced serpentine belt 1/30/16
- Front Diff Fluid replaced 2/4/16
- Front Diff 4x4 ADD actuator soldered 2/4/16
- It's been super trouble free since I've owned it with the little-required maintenance I have done

Need to do
- Replace drivers side sun visor, it broke and won't stay up. this has been bugging me for a year, just need to buy one
- Passengers head rest is not stock and only 1 post is sticking in the chair. I bought it this way and just never fixed it. The seat cover keeps the head rest in place for the most part

The Bad
- The paint over the doors is pretty faded and the clear coat is flaky. It is also flaking on the rear fender bumps
- There is a chip in the windshield that has been there for 9 years and hasn't moved. The windshield is pitted from 160k miles of use but is still strong

The truck is located in Huntington Beach, Ca.

She is one bad ass truck that has taken me on many adventures (I previously had a camper shell and bigger tires, I swapped those over to my new truck). I just bought a double cab because the baby seat doesn't really fit in the back of the Access Cab.

I am asking $11,000 or best offer. She drives like a dream and is ready for more adventures!

Google Photos Album HERE (stupid 10 image limit on posts)

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