For Sale 2001 LX470, Denver, CO - $13,500


Feb 10, 2003
Denver, co
This is my wife's car, she's getting a Sienna to haul the kids around. super, can't wait for that. It got a new transmission last summer and we have all maintenance records on it up to the moment we bought it from the lexus dealer, including the big 90k timing belt, water pump etc. I've maintained it since with full synth mobil 1 fluids (crankcase and ATF). $13,500 firm. I can deliver between here and DFW next Saturday. It has new tires, DVD, 150k miles, just detailed, runs and drives great. I have powerstop disks and pads on the rear and a set for the front yet to be installed, hasn't needed it yet.

2001 lexus lx 470 lx470

pics here: Picasa Web Albums - Mr. Stiever - 2001 LX470

Call if you're interested. Thanks!

3 oh 3 -482-5713


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Jul 8, 2006
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LX470 For Sale

Awesome price on your LX470! Just for reference, I side with you on this one... the kids may too. We actually SOLD our Sienna van and bought a Cruiser for my wife. I have four kids, and even though the cabin space is smaller... you couldn't in a million years convince my kids that the Sienna was "cooler". Even though the sienna was 9 years newer than the cruiser both my wife and my kids are happier. She is even ok with the increased gas consumption (i know that part sucks, literally)... just so she feels more secure in it... she no longer feels like a soccer mom. Upped her mental outlook actually. Anyhow, if I still had that Sienna I would make a deal to trade with you in a heartbeat. Personally I would keep the Lexus. But that's just me.:cheers:
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