For Sale 2001 Land Cruiser 282k $7800

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Vehicle Model
  1. 100 Series
Birmingham, Alabama United States
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I have for sale a 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser

I’m the second owner and bought it in 2012.

Mechanically sound.

The underside and frame are immaculate.
The valve covers leak a little bit

I feel that it is time to replace the rack (though one could probably get by with just replacing the bushing)

It has had regular maintenance.

Full timing belt job done at about 220k.
Heater Ts and front end rebuild (including new cvs) done about the same time.

Installed good 12V power run to the back with a blue sea fuse panel.

The sunroof does not open but the rest of the windows work.

The interior looks like it has hauled kids for 10 years (so rough).

Out side of that she’s cherry.

I think it would make someone a great starting point for a build.

It would also be cheap reliable transportation for some one if they don’t care about the interior and just want to run the wheels off of it.

At $7800 it is nearly the cheapest running 100 I could find

If there is any real interest I will get more photos.

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Bump $7800
Still for sale
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100 -

The rust spot is at the bottom of the lift gate.
I believe it came from a leaking tail light or spoiler. When that happens the water runs down the inside of the gate and out of the hole. It is the only rust on the vehicle other than a tiny bit of surface rust where some paint is chipped or rubbed.

The cruiser has been in Alabama it’s entire life.
Hasn’t sold yet

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