1995 1FZ-FE No Heat? RHD UK (1 Viewer)

Jan 22, 2019
My LC is a 1995 RHD VX Model 4.5 Petrol.
I have been struggling working out why my land cruiser does not have any heat, not even luke warm. The car came into my ownership January 2018 and since has had no heat at all, its as if cold AC is set to on all the time.
The front water valve functions when the temperature slider is moved, I have also removed the cable and manually opened the valve, neither of which have any effect.
The inlet and outlet valve going into the heater core connected to the water valve are both hot.
The heater servo behind the radio as far as I can see operates when the temp slider is moved from cold to hot.
The heater core has been flushed four times with compressed air also to no result.
There is I assume another heater mechanism in the drivers footwell which I thought may control the hot/cold air flow in to the cabin, the motor has slightly broken off on one side but does still operate, I manually opened the mechanism and it seemed to control the air flow to the footwell. still no heat.
The passenger floor mat is soaked, however it doesn't smell or look like any coolant.
The heater control unit with the temperature slider etc I've removed and checked the solder points and connections and all looks good.
One thing to note I'm not sure if its relevant but Auto Climate Control is always on? When demisting the windscreen the colour changes to green on the button, and when using normally or if you try to turn off the auto climate control the colour goes to yellow?

Anything anyone could suggest looking at?

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