1994 OBD1 code 32, 24 and 28 - HELP

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Nov 15, 2003
32Air Flow Meter signal
24Intake Air Temperature Sensor signal
28No. 2 Oxygen Sensor signal

It is pointing at the MAF and it's also $800+.

I searched/read bad ECU, plastic/rubber tube cracked etc.

Anyone in the Bay Area (California) that can lend me their MAF for 5 min? I will pay gas and food :) for me to try out and see if it fixes.

I bought this truck yesterday and it ran and drove fine then as I am pulling into my driveway the CEL came on!!!!

Thanks everyone. It's been a while since I have posted here AND owned an 80. :clap:

In lieu of getting your hands on a working MAF, I'd pull the one in the truck and clean it with a spray from an auto parts store and check the wiring harness & plug. It'll give you a chance to really go over the rubber tube, hose clamps, etc. too. Good luck
His MAF is a Vane Airflow Meter, not the hot wire kind that you clean with the spray from the parts store.

Thank you for the suggestions - Donal is right - It is sealed and without doing surgery to it I can't get to it. I took the rubber tube off - sealed each end with plastic wrap and rubber bands, I filled it water and no leaks at all. I tried different hose clamps and it still has the same issues.

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Amando, if you have a DVOM, you should be disconnecting the VAF & the ECU and measuring the continuity/resistance on those wires between the two. The code 28 may be a different wire, or O2 sensor failing.
Fwiw i have a spare VAF i could maybe sell you, from a 94.

If you took the screws out of the little connector on it and pulled, it needs very delicate repair now. Like expert soldering repair.

Has to be disconnected by removing the metal locking clip and pulling the connector out.

You can find the FSM in this thread: https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/40-50-60-and-80-series-fsm-for-a-hell-of-a-price.610994/

Find it, follow diagnostic procedures. If it's still dead, lemme know.
You know, all three of those together feels like damage to the wire harness to me
In the Manual EG-290

VS-E2 Resistance 200-600 I am getting 0
VC-E2 Resistance 200-400 I am getting 0

Earlier in the day VS-E2 was 271 and VC-E2 was 282. I am doing this in the kitchen. I just tried again and I am getting zero all the way across.

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