For Sale 1984 BJ60 in Montreal, 25+ yrs old, yes it's a 5 speed diesel!

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Very tough decision, but I have decided to sell my BJ60... just listed it on eBay and may also put it up on Craigslist, Kijiji and Hemmings Motor News. For now, it's just listed here on Mud and and on eBay. Here's a link to the auction and here's the VERY lengthy ad I wrote:

Whoever ends up with this 1984 BJ60 Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel 4x4 is getting a bargain! I bought this Cruiser almost 3 years ago with the intention of using it as a second vehicle, to use when there was a lot of snow, as a weekend-get-away-vehicle and to haul around large items from time to time. I was also very close to getting a veggie oil system from Greasecar installed and then use it as a daily driver since the fuel costs would be next to nothing. My plan was to drive to Massachusetts to get one of their dealers to install a custom tank where the spare tire goes and get their veggie oil system so that I could run WVO (Waste Vegetable Oil). But I never got around to that. It’s fairly close to stock and unmolested, so you can keep it that way or go nuts with it and make it into a monster truck! Or do whatever you want with it.

THERE’S A LOT TO READ, BUT IF YOU READ ALL OF THIS, I’M SURE ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED AND A WHOLE LOT MORE! Please take the time to read all of this if you are really serious. Also, I have over 70 pictures and a short video at BJ60 pictures by bj60pics - Photobucket (the pics take in the forest are from 2 days ago, the others are from last year but the truck still looks pretty much the same). I highly encourage you to visit that link for all the pictures to give you a good idea of what this truck is like. Better yet, if you’re in the Montreal area, I welcome you to make an appointment with me to see the vehicle in person.


Two years ago, I was moving out west and had a friend who is very Land Cruiser savvy and mechanically inclined go over the entire truck (he’s owned many Land Cruisers including several Diesel 60 series wagons). Just about anything that was in need of replacement was replaced with either genuine Toyota parts or high quality aftermarket parts. Even some parts that were still OK were upgraded. I won’t say it was “no expenses spared” but I definitely went overboard!

My plan was to load up the Cruiser will a lot of my belongings and possibly tow a small car behind it. In the end, I didn’t get a car dolly to tow the other car, so I chose to just load up the BJ60 and drive it the 4000+ kilometers (2500+ miles) out west to British Columbia. I was driving the Cruiser daily for a couple of weeks before the big trip out west, to make sure that everything was OK. A few days before I was to drive out, the alternator died. On such short notice, I was not able to get a new one or have the old one rebuilt (it was too damaged). So, for $440 I bought a genuine OEM alternator from the Toyota dealer. Unfortunately, it was defective out of the box.

I really had to get going, so I chose to take fewer things with me and drive the small car out west. I left my father in charge of getting the alternator replaced. It turns out the next two alternators were defective and finally the dealer notified Toyota Canada and they looked into it and apologized for the inconvenience (quite a rarity to have 3 defective parts in a row). Finally, the fourth alternator arrived, was tested first and found to be in perfect working order. My father also replaced the batteries with two brand new high quality Interstate batteries (it’s a 12V system using 2 batteries). In my absence, he started up the Cruiser and drove it around the block once or twice a month.

But a year later, I had to return to be closer to my parents. The Cruiser was still sitting there, waiting for me. It remained a second vehicle for me. Last winter, I used it almost daily during the month of February when we had the most snow. And I must say that it does amazingly well even in 2WD with the new 30x9.5-15 BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO tires (they have the “Severe Snow Rating" and are acceptable to use between December 15 and March 15 under the new Quebec Winter Tire Law if you live in Quebec). This is a very well respected tire by people in all climate zones, and I spent quite a bit of money to purchase them and they are still almost like new. I even bought another one to have as a spare tire (bought “used” although it was never used for anything but a spare tire as well, from a guy who used to own a Jeep). The 4 BFG AT KO’s on the truck were purchased brand new at Costco and were about $850 installed, balanced and filled with nitrogen.

To be honest, I’ve hardly driven this truck in the nearly 3 years I’ve owned it. Other than when I need to move something large or drive in heavy snow, or the occasional weekend getaway, it usually stays parked. I try to drive it at least one or twice a month though, but lately that seems to be the only use it gets. The license plate expired a few months ago and the insurance will soon be expiring. So, I don’t like to drive it too much now. It’s still registered and insured in Ontario. I live in the suburbs of Montreal, Quebec but only about 45-60 minutes from Cornwall, Ontario. I will even go with the new owner to transfer the vehicle or get a 10-day temporary permit so you can drive it home (from what I hear, the 10 day temporary permit is good anywhere in Canada or the USA).

And because this truck was manufactured in March 1984, it’s now more than 25 years old, I hear it can be easily and legally imported into the United States. I’m not an importer and can’t tell you for sure that you will not have any problems bringing it in to the USA, but from what I hear, 25 years old is the magic number. Apparently the process is a whole lot simpler, especially if you want a genuine LHD (left hand drive) Land Cruiser Diesel. This one was born a diesel, not converted!

Of course, being a 25 year used vehicle, I can’t make any guarantees it will make the trip home without any problems. But if it were me, I would trust it to make the drive home, even if you live far away. Remember, I had it overhauled to make the trip out west. Since my return, I’ve driven it on two round trips between Toronto and Montreal (and even beyond) which is around 1200 kilometers (750 miles) each time. Plus quite a bit of local driving. I’ve never truly taken it “off-roading.” The most I’ve done is drive it on flat, level ground at a construction site, in a forest or at Wasaga Beach. In the 3 years I’ve owned this Cruiser, I’ve logged about 8,000 kilometers (5000 miles) on it. The only time it ever let me down was when the alternator died. Otherwise it’s been just awesome.

From what I hear, the original owner was an older gentleman from the Quebec City area and had this Cruiser from 1984 to 2003. He had it rust proofed oil sprayed every year at Metropolitan Rust Proofing (there are stickers on the driver’s door from the early 1990s to prove this). He used the truck primarily for going hunting. The low mileage (for a 25 year old truck) makes this seem believable. There’s a bracket on the front where there was likely a winch, but it was removed before I bought the truck. The second owner had the truck from 2003 to late 2006 when my friend found it for me and I bought it. Apparently the second owner wanted a Jetta diesel because that’s what his daughter preferred to drive.

As mentioned, the truck had been rust proofed for almost every year of its existence. I had it done once, the first year I got it, so it’s probably due to be oil sprayed again. Despite the frequent rust proofing, rust did still manage to form. But, considering it’s a 1980’s Toyota that spent its entire life in Quebec and Ontario, and driven in winter, it looks pretty darned good! It looks like a high quality repainting was done about 10 or 12 years ago. In fact, at first I thought it may have still had the original paint, but I’ve been told it looks like it had a professional repainting. For a 25 year old Toyota that has spent its entire life in Canada, it’s in pretty good shape. Most 1980s Toyotas, especially from Eastern Canada, are much more severely rusted, many beyond hope. This one is still pretty good (though if you’re looking for something totally rust-free, this isn’t it, although it is a desirable diesel, the very reliable 3B). Mechanically these vehicles are excellent, but the rust often kills many of them that are mechanically fit to last a lot longer. I hear many owners go 600,000 kilometers or more before needing to do any significant engine repairs, so this one is barely more than half way there. And from what I can tell, it’s been well cared for and had an easy life.

But sadly, it does have some rust. From 10 feet away, it looks amazing. Up close, there is some surface rust around the wheel wells and the lower right front fender. There is also quite a bit of rust on the right front door window frame. Both front doors have rust on the top inner corners. The A-pillars have some rust-through (visible when the doors are opened). There’s a tiny rust hole near the bottom of the rear left cargo area window. And around the edges of the floor near the cargo area and where the floor meets the rocker panels it has rusted (visible when you open the doors). My friend riveted in some strips of galvanized steel and it passed the Ontario safety inspection with that. Its exempt from emissions testing in Ontario due to its age.

And everyone always asks about the frame. Well, there’s surface rust, which is nothing serious. But there is one place where it has rusted through (see photo). I don’t think this is serious as it may just be a secondary support, not a main part of the frame. It was like this when I bought the Cruiser and it passed the tough Ontario Ministry of Transportation safety inspection. Now the truck is in even better condition, so it’s likely it would pass again. If registering it in Quebec, they don’t like rough edges (they’re more lenient on mechanicals in Quebec, but not on rust). So you’d have to sand and fill the rust on the body panels. I had a quote from a Maaco-style body shop who would do all this and also fix the rust on the above-mentioned part of the frame for $1000. If you are mechanically inclined, or body-work inclined, you could probably do this much cheaper, for just the cost of materials.

I want to be upfront and honest about everything I know about, because the last thing I want is for you to travel really far to pick up this vehicle and be disappointed because it wasn’t as you expected. Please keep in mind that this is a 25 year old used vehicle, so it will not be perfect. Having said that, it’s in pretty good shape, and especially considering that there aren’t too many diesel Land Cruisers around these days, I think it’s a great find.

I noticed that since the oil was changed with Rotella D that there is some smoke coming out of the exhaust for about 5 to 10 seconds upon start-up. I don’t recall it doing this when I used Motomaster Diesel Spec motor oil, so maybe it’s just using a thinner grade of oil? Or maybe it’s worn valve seals? If so, I don’t think that’s a big deal. My father’s GMC truck did that for the entire 10 years he owned it (he bought it when it was 5 years old) and he never had a problem with it. In any case, the Cruiser is probably due for an oil change soon anyways.

OK, there’s also a few minor things... the throttle control on the dash doesn’t work now. It did until recently, so it’s possible that the cable became disconnected. I’m not very mechanically inclined, so I never looked into it. Only 3 speeds on the 4 speed fan work. It was like this when I bought it and it’s never been a problem. The airflow is fine, it keeps the windshield defrosted and keeps the interior nice and warm. The interior is fairly clean, but it could really benefit from a good detailing. It’s not filthy, but but not sparkling clean either. The left side of the driver’s seat bottom is ripped, like just about any other 60 series Land Cruiser. The rear defroster elements don’t work (although if I recall, two of them might, but it’s been a long time since I had to use them).

Although many gaskets were changed (all genuine Toyota parts), it looks like one or two still need to be changed. Sometimes, but not always, a bit of oil drips after the engine is shut off. Also, there is apparently oil on transfer case, although that may have blown off from the above-mentioned leak, or have been there from before the gasket was changed. You can see where I park that there is a little bit of oil on the ground, but not much.

If you know Land Cruisers, you know that the 3B is a very durable, long lasting and reliable diesel engine. It doesn’t exactly have neck breaking acceleration, but it will get you where you need to go. In fact, I’ve found that being not too powerful is a good thing (less likely to spin tires in snow, for instance). But if you’re looking for a bit more power, a lot of people have added turbo to this engine and it really makes a big difference. You get the economy and durability of a 4 cylinder 3B diesel with the power of a bigger engine. And yes, this has the desirable 5 speed manual transmission. With just 336,000 kilometers (210,000 miles), there’s still plenty of life left in this legendary Toyota.

That’s the worst of it. If you are just looking for a good daily driver, this may be the Land Cruiser you are looking for! If you need to have it inspected before you register it in your state or province, I really don’t think it needs anything mechanically. It’s hardly been driven since its last inspection. If anything, depending how strict they are, you may need to take care of some of the rust. Then I’m sure you will get many more years of service out of it. So you could simply drive it as-is. Or if you’re looking for a project, find yourself a nice rust-free FJ60 or FJ62 and swap over the drivetrain and all the goodies.

And there certainly are a lot of goodies! Remember I said I went overboard replacing all sorts of things whether they needed to be replaced or not? You’ll be buying this truck for about half that amount, and that doesn’t even include what I paid for the truck itself. Honestly, you’ll be getting this truck for a fraction of the money I’ve invested into it. And believe me, I’ve been struggling with whether or not to sell it for over a year now. Every time I drive this Land Cruiser, it puts a smile on my face. I just love hearing the diesel engine purr to life. You know you’re driving a diesel truck when you drive this. It looks tough (and is tough) and sounds very industrial, like a tractor! So if you like diesels, you’ll love this Land Cruiser! I never fail to get cheers, thumbs up and compliments from people of all ages wherever I go with this truck.

So now, here’s all the good stuff:

- new Exedy high performance clutch
- new rear brake drums, shoes and hand brake cable
- Some of the brake lines were changed when I bought the truck
- previous owner had just changed the front brake pads and shoes
- I installed 4 brand new BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO tires. They’re flotation tires and size 30x9.5 on the factory chrome 15” wheels. This is very close to the stock size so the speedometer is accurate, the acceleration or fuel economy isn’t too far off factory specs and the thinner tires cut through snow nicely
- Hella H4 headlights with Optilux bulbs (a huge improvement over the factory sealed beam headlights)
- Engine block heater (it starts in severe cold winter weather without being plugged in, but it makes it a bit smoother and easier when it is)
- Class III trailer hitch (I’ve never used it, but it’s there)
- Sony Xplod AM/FM/CD/MP3 detachable face stereo with iPod interface (recharges your iPod while driving and lets you play your iPod through the in-dash stereo). Also is satellite radio ready. All you need to do is get the satellite tuner for it. 3-way Kenwood front speakers using factory speaker grilles (no hack job - all was professionally installed). Sony Xplod 4-way rear speakers with custom rear side panels in the cargo area (the factory panels were looking kind of rough)
- Crimestopper alarm system. If you add power door locks, the remote can lock and unlock the doors
- New OEM Toyota bushings, Skyjacker Nitrogen filled shocks on all 4 corners (apparently these should be the last shocks you will ever need) and overkill leaf springs. The Cruiser was starting to sit a bit low, so the shop I took it to went a bit nuts and added some extra leaf springs. I believe now there are 11 on the back and 7 or 8 on the front. It raised the ride height about 2 or 3 inches and gives it a much firmer ride, but also has an amazing payload capacity now. I’ve had it loaded up with around 1000 pounds of top soil in bags and the truck barely squatted down!
- Of course, a brand new OEM Toyota alternator and 2 top quality Interstate batteries.
- Manual glow plug relay
- Pyrometer installed (but not hooked up)
- New OEM Toyota belts, thermostat, filters and I think maybe even some of the hoses

I’m sure I’ve missed some stuff, as I know I spent a lot of money on upgrades just before I had planned to drive the Cruiser out west. Believe me, you’re getting this truck for a lot less than I spent on buying and upgrading it! I don’t think anyone would pay me what I’ve put into this truck, and that’s one reason I’ve struggled with whether or not to sell it. It’s a fun truck to drive and every time I think of selling it, I change my mind after driving it. But, now the time has come where I need... a minivan! As cool as a diesel Land Cruiser is, with its funky retro styling and smurf blue paint scheme, I need something a little more mainstream, a bit lower to the ground (my elderly parents, especially my short mother, have a bit of trouble getting into the Land Cruiser now that it sits a few inches taller, although I love it). And I’m starting a business and a 7 passenger minivan is the ideal vehicle for me now.

Having said that, I’m not going to give away the Land Cruiser at a ridiculously low price. I’ve priced it at a very fair price: $4500 US. You couldn’t buy it and all the upgrades for what I paid. I’d love to get more for it, and if I had time, maybe I’d hold out for a higher price. But if it comes down to it, I’ll renew the license plate and insurance and use the Land Cruiser while saving up for a minivan.

I’m also open to trades... I will consider trading up, down or even for a 1999-2006 Ford Windstar/Freestar. Why a Ford? Because my father just gave a set of practically brand new winter tires on rims (worth over $1000) from his Taurus he just sold. The only minivan those rims fit is a Windstar or Freestar. Although I suppose if the right minivan of another make came along, I might still consider it. And this is a stretch, but I’ll even consider trading for a motorcycle. Preferably a Honda VFR800 Interceptor. Although I need a motorcycle like I need a hole in the head right now! A minivan would be much more practical.

Otherwise the cash would be fine and I will purchase a minivan locally.

If you are having the vehicle shipped to the USA, another part of Canada or overseas, I will assist as much as I can but have never done anything like that before, so you should be prepared to take care of it. Vehicle is sold as-is where-is. No warranty expressed or implied. Payment in full must be made before the vehicle is taken.

I will be happy to go with you in person to the Ministry of Transportation office in Cornwall, Ontario to ensure that you have no trouble transferring the Land Cruiser into your name or to purchase your 10 day temporary permit. All registration, permit, taxes, shipping and/or fuel costs and other expenses are the responsibility of the buyer.

If you are flying in, taking a bus or train, let me know and I will try to be available to pick you up in Montreal, Dorval or Kirkland Quebec. As lengthy as this ad is, if you feel I’ve missed something or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I’m about an hour away from the Canada/USA border crossing at Champlain, NY. It’s about 6 hours to New York City from here and about 5 hours to Toronto.

I do want to sell this vehicle quickly, but not at a ridiculously low price. You’re getting it for a lot less than I paid for it, not to mention all the goodies that have gone into it! And of course, I want to see it go to a good home!

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