For Sale 1982 BJ42 in Boulder, CO

United States
[size=large]Update: SOLD![/size]

With a baby on the way, the BJ42 no longer fits our needs. Thought I had this sold locally, but the buyer has disappeared.

This is a Canadian-spec BJ42: left-hand drive, 24-volt, with a great rear heater.

Lots of pictures here.

  • Power steering! (Saginaw box, Toyota pump)
  • Aqualu #4016 locking storage tailgate with a 1974 liftgate (have lift struts, not installed)
  • 33x12.50/15 tires on a 2" lift
  • OME greasable anti-inversion shackles in front, heavy-duty (small lift) shackles in the rear
  • 1/8" steel rear tub floor and sides
  • Much of the frame is boxed
  • Euro-spec Hella H4 headlights with 55/100-watt bulbs (headlight system is 12-volt, which makes headlight replacement easy; the rest of the truck is 24)
  • 24-volt Warn 8274 winch on a hefty steel bumper
  • Steel rear bumper with pintle/ball combo hitch
  • Comfy(!) seats from a CRX (DS has a hole in the side bolster)
  • 2Lo mod to the t-case
  • Manual glow plugs (button on dash triggers glow relay)
  • 20-amp 24-12V converter in the glove box
I've also got a bunch of spare parts and accessories, including (partial list):
  • a Toyota 3B engine manual
  • new Japanese taillight housing and lens
  • a giant laminated wiring diagram
  • new Toyota (multi-layer steel) head gasket
  • ambulance doors
  • spare liftgate (no glass, good internals)
  • bunch of misc relays and timers (24V stuff is hard to find here!)
  • gauge cluster
  • jump seats (seatbelts are installed, seats are not, but will bolt right in)
  • 33x12.5/15 spare tire (not the shredded one in the pictures, but that one comes with it, too!)
  • a whole bunch of spare bulbs
It's got some rust (couple holes, decent amount of other surface rust), but it's solid.

Asking $5800. I will consider trades for nice 60s or even an 80.

IH8MUD bonus! At full price, I'll throw in a DIY turbo kit. That's a brand-new 13BT exhaust manifold, a brand-new manifold gasket, a thin custom-machined adapter plate to mount a Garrett T25 turbo, a turbo (from a Mercedes OM617), oil supply- and return-line adapter plates, and an ISSPRO thermocouple that threads right into the turbo adapter for accurate pre-turbo temperature readings.
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Where's mah cruzah?
May 5, 2004
Vancouver Island, BC
A few pics

The first post has a link to a bunch of pics, but here's a couple more to give you an idea...
Feb 24, 2005
boulder, co
4 speed or 5 speed?

Either way I'm very interested & I'm in Boulder Canyon, so I'l local as well. Any chace I could come see it this afternoon?

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