For Sale 1980 HJ45 in San Diego LH Drive, PS PB

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United States
Titled in California as a diesel.

I bought this a few years ago and have put a good amount of work into it, but I haven’t quite finished it up 100%.

The truck is located in San Diego. My new quarters does not have parking available for it. It has been garaged since I have owned it. It is still garaged.

Dependable, fuel sipping B engine with 4-speed tranny

Clutch, Clutch Fork, Pilot Bearing, Thrust Bearing, Clutch Boot (at tranny), Clutch Fluid
Water Pump
Toyota Red Coolant
Fuel Lines
Power Steering Lines
Custom Rear Springs (Alcan)
Optima Red-Top

Re-cored 4-row Radiator
Rebuilt Starter
Refurbished Fuel Tank
Refurbished Power Steering
Reupholstered FJ-40 Seats with Custom Mounting
The frame has been professional welded by a body shop to shore up the cross-member and to completely redo the bed supports.

It always starts right up. All the lights work. Transfer case works. Power brakes work great. Disc brakes up front, drums in the back. Tires are in good shape. Parking brake works

Left to be done:
Install instrument cluster. Not sure about total miles. Odometer shows 81k, but I don’t know how long it’s been disconnected.
install seat belts, install grill.
Install LC / diesel badging (I bought new ones), driver side window crank
mount spare tire

Comes with a roof rack and lights (not installed).

$12,900 OBO. PM Chuck or call 757-325-7717





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Where is it from? I'm also curious why it has 70 series marker lights.

I want another FJ45 in the worst way but can't afford one right now. I've driven a late model diesel 45 and didn't like shifting into 4th by the time I was only going about 35mph.
It's late and my eyes may be playing tricks on me, but.......did someone cut-out the serial number that's stamped into the outside RH front frame rail?
Ok, I just checked. That square hole is where the front cross tube goes across the frame. That tube probably isn't stock from what I can see from other rigs, but the weld looks good.
The engine has been transplanted at some point, but the title says HJ45. We can call it a BJ45 if you like... although that title might better apply to one or two MILF's I've dated... I seriously considered putting an H back in there to get it back to stock, but the B engine and ancillaries run so well, that I hesitate to mess with it.

I know this is not a showroom example of an HJ 45, but it does have power steering, disc brakes up front, and some decent mechanical work. I am open to offers, but it seems like a fair starting point.
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The market has spoken...
New Price: $14,900 OBO
I ordered and received the new LandCruiser and diesel emblems. Passenger door handle is ordered.
does the frame # match the # on the cab and the import and title paperwork?
unfortunetly it looks like many central American rigs. it has been pieced together.
rear axle is 81+
cab is pre 79
running boards are 79+
steering wheel is 81+
the unique power steering setup
the rear frame has been welded on, not just the bed mounts.
lack of heater doesn't work well in the northern part of the country
The frame VIN matches the title and other paperwork. I don't see a cab VIN and will assume it's missing. However, according to the AZ MVD, the frame VIN is all they need to register.
After much gnashing of teeth, I have successfully imported this into the U.S. and have it titled and registered in CALIFORNIA as a diesel. Also, I have lowered the price to $12,900. :cheers:
After much gnashing of teeth, I have successfully imported this into the U.S. and have it titled and registered in CALIFORNIA as a diesel. Also, I have lowered the price to $12,900. :cheers:

Care to share your experience in the CA Diesel Title and Registration thread?

Lots of folks there would be interested to hear a recent tale.

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