For Sale 1980 FJ43 for sale in New Jersey

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United States
Up for sale is my 1980 fj43 that was imported from Colombia. I am going to be putting it up on ebay next week for 23k but there is a mud price of 20k. I said I would never sell the 43 once i got one but I have just recently bought another land cruiser and have decided to let this one go. I don't need to sell it, but I want it to go to someone who will enjoy it. It is not a perfect show condition fj43 and the price reflects that. The frame is solid and has no rust on it. The front fenders have a little rust on the underside where it attaches to the steps. The driver side front door has a little bit of rust on the bottom of the door. It doesn't bother me as I never had the doors on it.

Strong running 2f
5 speed transmission
Power steering
New Radiator
New thermostat
New Water pump
New clutch master cylinder
Just completed a front disc brake swap with aisin hubs. New wheel bearing new trunion bearings and knuckle wiper kit.
Six seat belts in the back
Good soft top and rear soft doors.
I will also add stuff as I remember more.

I will add pictures later in the week as all of my pictures were on my old phone that died. I have been getting snow almost every other day so i have been unable to take any. Soon as there is a descent day this week I will pull it out and take some pictures and post them.

You can PM with any question or if you want to talk just leave your number and I will call you.

I have a clean and clear NJ title in my name.

MUD price 20k
In for pics, but I bet it's going to be several days given the weather forecast
Here are some bad pictures I was able to take in the garage with my phone. It gives you an idea of what it looks like. I Won't be able to get better pictures until this weekend when the weather is supposed to calm down.





I will post Pics on Sunday. I am still digging out from the storm!
The front fenders have some rust on them like I said before but for the northeast its not to bad. Also the rear panel has some bubbling starting i Just noticed it today when i opened up the tire carrie to take the pictures




the PO put some bondo on the passenger side rear fender that you can see in this picture. This FJ43 can cruise 65-70 mph no problem with the five speed. I am only selling it because I have another MWB cruiser and do not need this one. I have driven it and have replaced anything that needed to be replaced since I have owned. I pay to have all the work done. This is a the cheapest fj43 for sale in the country by about 20k. If you are looking for a 43 but but you do not want to spend 40k plus for one then this is it. You can take your kids or dogs in and not worry about a scratch here and there. I also have there rear soft doors and the doors that are in the same condition as the body and the top. I honestly never had the doors or the soft doors on since I have owned it. I only drive it when the weather is nice.


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