1980 BJ40

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Oct 24, 2008
Central Virginia
Hi All,
After fifteen years of owning and working on a 1973 FJ40 I finally found and bought a 1980 BJ40 in really great condition.
My question is how do I go about learning about it. I have so many questions that a owners manual would probably answer most. That is the one thing that did not come with it.
Any suggestions on where I may start to get some answers?
A few examples:

What weight engine oil should I use?

How to change the fuel filter without getting air into the system?

What do I do if air gets into the system?

Any help would be great.

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See here for manuals

Start hanging out in the diesel section on this forum.
Most of us just use rotella 15w40, T4 or T5.

There is a bleeder screw on the top of your fuel filter housing, and a primer pump on the injection pump to bleed the air out. There are quite a few threads on it:

Welcome to the diesel world. If you run into trouble post up some photos... actually just post more photos anyway :flipoff2:
The owner's manual actually has a lot of information in it as well. It would be worth trying to get one for simple troubleshooting and maintenance. I think I fill the fuel filter with diesel before I screw it on and then bleed the air out as John in Utah stated.

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