For Sale 1977 FJ45 trayback ute - South Australia

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United States
For sale is my 1977 FJ45. This was my first 4x4 and first Land Cruiser, although I babysat some 82 and 84 HJ47s for quite a few months prior to this. I planned to build this up as a medium sort of 4x4ing rig, but I am going to need to sell for a vehicle suited for long distance towing (am looking for a HDJ80 GXL)
Here's the thread
77 FJ45 with 2F and H41
LPG/propane system fitted
60 series power steering
Tranny/Transfer case bypass hose fitted
Disc brakes on the front - pulls up pretty well
new OEM replica Carby, DUI H.E.I. electronic distributor and 'Livewires' leads
valve adjustment and rocker cover resealed
new radiator hoses and thermostat bypass hose
1 tie rod end replaced and wheel alignment
Runs cool in 40+ degree heat, even with no fan shroud
Poorly done (P.O. job) body lift
approximately 2 inch lift leaf springs and Australian made Monroe shocks
Beautifully clean cab - perfect floors, doors and everywhere else. 1 hole about 3-5mm size in roof gutter
Dash not hacked up
South Australian registration expiry on 28/03/2016

The faults:
Doesn't idle decently on LPG
Ignition barrel a bit dodgy, and P.O. fitted start button not factory
needs a new lid on radiator reservoir due to a crack in the current one
No fan shroud (still runs cool in 40+ degree weather)
Body lift badly done, and battery relocated to passenger footwell temporarily
No front or rear parking/marker lights
Oil leak from either tranny/transfer or both
A little bit of a weep from one of the front hubs
Bit of a whine somewhere in the drivetrain. This may be normal, I don't know because this is the first petrol 40 series and pre-1981 40 series i've ever encountered, but it is most apparent when at higher speeds in 3rd or 4th or when decellarating. Does not pop out of low range or shift badly or anything
Paint mismatch in some spots
I suspect a little bog has been used by the P.O. in the front of the bonnet and where the indicators used to be in the front mudguards
fan only works on high
transfer case shifter inner boot missing and outer boot in poor condition
Horrible particleboard door panels made by the P.O.

Looking for offers around the $5500 mark as is, with a bit over 12 months rego. Will sell unregistered for $4500
Can come with brand new Genuine Toyota:
Left and right hand side indicators
Front grille emblem
Side 'Toyota Land Cruiser' emblems
Stainless steel bonnet and windscreen latches with stainless hardware
Will sell vehicle with rego and all this gear for $6500.00
Have a contact who can supply sunraysia style steel rims for $50.00 each brand new and cut a smoking hot deal on Maxxis tyres and can come with a set of steel rims like in the pictures and 33x12.5 Maxxis Bighorns with about 50 kilometres on them for $7400

Must sell, willing to negotiate and willing to work with an overseas buyer, but must go to a good home. I'll be sorry to see this truck go, she is the first Land Cruiser I owned and I will probably regret this sale for years, but there is no way that I can have 2 land cruisers, and most people will agree that a 40 series is not ideal for drives in the order of 6000 kilometres, especially if towing.
Pictures to come.
I think you're set up to address that if you feel the need...
She's sold - $6800 cash. Went to a local guy who just sold his restored fj55 and is starting something new.
I'm sorry I sold it already...:crybaby::crybaby:
Congrats !

Now you will regret is forever :confused:

Yeah, I miss her already, but I couldn't give her the attention she deserved in the next 6 months or so, so she's better off with another owner for the time being. I have got dibs if its ever for sale again though.
Also, its possible successor is also some consolation (this is a frankencruiser known as an HDJ105 :cool:)

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