For Sale 07 UZJ100 Galactic Gray (or Trade for 08 GS 450h/350)

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I've had it a few months and having second thoughts on driving 25K+ a year in a truck that ideally needs about 1-2" of more front legroom to be ideal for my 6'-4" frame.

This is NOT a fire sale, distress sale, etc. No hurry, and really just putting the feelers out for now to consider my options.

2007 Galactic Gray UZJ-100 w/ Gray interior.

275HP VVTi 4.7L V8 w/ 5-speed Transmission.


It's in perfect condition with literally zero scratches. The ONLY exterior blemish is on the grill. The matte finish on the horizontal bars are showing a little "wear" from road debris, etc. $100 for a new grill and 10-min to change it out if you want it perfect.

It's had the rear lower gate and rear bumper skin replaced due to an accident before I got it - but that doesn't show up on Carfax. It was a CPO vehicle at a Toyota dealer in Arkansas when the accident happened, then they couldn't CPO it anymore. On the lot, the price was $48K as a CPO.

The dealer who repaired it bought the OEM gate and skin from Toyota as part of the deal on the purchase. Paint finish on them is actually BETTER than OEM because it's smoother with less orange peel than the factory paint on the upper hatch, believe it or not. Finish is excellent to *perfect* on both the lower hatch and bumper. Color match is spot-on.

Interior is flawless. Zero marks or scratches anywhere. Literally.

First, second, and third row leather is soft and supple with no flaws or marks of any kind. Carpet is clean and stain-free. Mats have been shampooed since pics (taken in March) and look like new.

I also just replaced every drop of lubricant in the truck with top-of-the-line AMSOIL and used a WIX filter. Even the grease in the driveshaft is AMSOIL...

It has the rear-seat fold-down DVD w/ about a 10" (HUGE) screen and two wireless sets of headphones (brand new)

It is a pristine truck. Currently has 57,XXX miles w/ like-new Hankook Tires. Zero issues or problems. I just wish it had 1-2" of additional legroom or I was about 2" shorter (I'm 6'-4"+).

It has the Toyota 60K Drivetrain Warranty still in effect.

Has 55W 4500K HID's for low beams and 60W Yellow High/DRL bulbs. Has a 1-yr old Optima Red Top battery under the hood. Everything else is original.

KBB Private Party: $43K
KBB Retail Price: $47K
KBB CPO Price: $47K

NADA Private Party: $42K
NADA Retail Price: $47k

'Mud Price: [STRIKE]$39,000[/STRIKE] $38,500

Prefer a "local" buyer, but would meet within a few hours for the right buyer and appropriate incentive for my time.

Looking for a Black or Gray 2007/08 Lexus GS 350 or 450h w/ under 60k miles (something in the $28k to $32k price range) as partial trade.

Some pics: (pinstripes have now been removed, entire truck polished w/ 3m finishing glaze followed by a polymer sealer, front T-bars adjusted 1" higher, rear tow hitch added, and all AMSOIL fluids and grease throughout.)










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Thanks for the bump. I'm still torn over whether to sell or not. If I sell, I'll end up w/ a 08 GS350 or GS450h + an mid/late 80's K5.
Took a 450h home for the night and I'm sold... So hopefully this truck will be too! Now listed on Autotrader @ $39,500.
Paul: Is George looking at getting something newer already?

It's not as much "legroom" as pedal position. The 2000 was more "comfortable" position-wise than the 2007 to me. It seems like the pedals are a little bit closer to the seat in the new one, which makes for a very awkward knee position for me when driving. Also, the $600+/month hurts at the pump...
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Price drop to $38,500 for 'mud.
Odo is showing 60,348 miles and price has been dropped to $37,500!
Beautiful pics. If I could afford it, I'd love for my wife to own it. Nicest color combination in my opinion. Good luck. Free BUMP for incredible 100.
Thanks. Unfortunately it looks like it will be traded in on an 07 GS 450h.... :-(
Well, I love the GS 450h (drove it home for the night), but we just can't deal with that tiny trunk with our family. Going to have to sell this or trade on a GS 350 for sure.

Here's the pics in case anyone missed them: 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser
Just traded it in....

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