07 LX470 VGRS ISSUE C1552 / C1554 so Steering Angle Adjust Fail.

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Sep 16, 2009
I bought a 07 LX that had been wrecked on the front left. It was pretty minor damage and after the wreck I could drive it down the road at 60 MPH and it was straight, EXCEPT the steering wheel was no longer centered. I had thought this might be because when I hooked the battery up after purchasing it, it hadn't had any power in over 6 months and it had reset to the way the wheel was turned.

I have been reading through the threads on the VGRS issues and had downloaded Techstream to do a steering angle adjust. While attempting to I was failing and received a C1552 (DC Motor Power Source Voltage) and C1554 (Power Supply Relay Failure). At one point of clearing I was only getting the C1554 but then the 1552 would follow. In the freeze frame data attached I am showing 11.9V with key on (not motor) but I was still getting the error with the motor running and later showing freeze frame data at 13.7V.

Could that still be a battery issue? Also, I did check the 40A VGRS fuse under passenger glovebox which was good. I didn't see any others related.


Ordered new VGRS controller, hopefully that fixes it but I don't feel confident in it being that. Board looked good, caps looked good. Ensured it was discharged and gave it another go with same results including a new code.
*** Ensured it was discharged***
How did you do this "discharged" ?
Have you installed the VGRS ECU, and did it solve the issue?

Testing procedure in the FSM, for C1552 / 52. Show how to test voltage. Showing if PIG below 9 V: Check or repair harness and VGRS fuse. Whereas you do show 0.3V PIG in tech-stream freeze frame. FSM shows, check voltage engine running, at the VGRS ECU with multi-meter. Below 9V, check fuse and wire harness. I do not see where it says, we can use the tech stream data, as test/check.

Other things I'd check:
  • Any sign of water entry, from around windshield. Either currently or in the past. Rust around windshield, poor windshield install, etc. We may get water running down into the RH or LH Junction box. Over time, water may have created issues with contacts (oxidation).
  • Any aftermarket wiring.
  • Any signs of rodent chewing on wiring.


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