warning light

  1. M80

    Electrical WOW!!!

    Hi Please help As I am sure most of you know when you turn the ignition on your 80 series to "ON" position the warning lights on the dash all come on usually and after a few seconds the glow plug light turns off. and then if you start the car they all go off. My question is what controls...
  2. mccurdyp

    Rear Hatch open indicator light

    I have a 2001 LC 100 with the hatch doors that open vertically i.e. not the drop gate kind. I was having trouble with the rear hatch lock so I replaced the whole thing new. I was also having trouble with door open indicator: before, the rear hatch door had to be closed quite firmly, and which...
  3. D

    Voltmeter Light Tied to Pwr Window Switch and Turn Signals

    When I press the Pwr window switches or turn on the turn signals the voltmeter warning light (little square red light) temporarily illuminates. My battery and alternator checked out fine! Rig runs fine. What's the deal? 97' FZJ80
  4. Classic85

    1990 HDJ81 - Orange light, Turbo, Dash

    Does anyone know what this warning light is an indicator for. It is something I have not found in my manuals or web and am unsure what it related to. It glows in various amounts of intensity as opposed to simply "turning on."
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