1. pickelltree

    For Sale 1971 f engine with 3speed

    Located in Michigan. 500 obo. Don’t want to sell in parts
  2. qrob

    Wanted Fj40 engine hunting

    Hello everyone, i am in search of a used f or 2f unit with matching transmission. I have a f in my 70 right now and after dropping the oil pan due to a slight knock last year due to some dumbass at jiffy lube putting on the wrong size oil filter.(normally i do 100% of my work but sometimes life...
  3. M

    Help! Does anyone know what this is?

    I have been in the process of rebuilding transmission (a343f) and the transfer case and now as I’m putting it all back on the car I have this part left over in my parts container. I very easily could have picked this up off the ground and just through it in with the others or it may have come...
  4. madhok

    Auto to Manual conversion (LJ78)

    Gday fellas I’m wondering if anyone has converted an lj78 from auto to manual and what’s involved? Are parts from an lj70 compatible? Assuming I’ll need custom shafts and trans Mount but is everything else interchangeable? (Box, shifter, clutch pedal etc)
  5. madhok

    2lte Transmission Problems

    Hi guys I have an LJ78 with an automatic box. Problem is park engages but all other gears act as neutral? Shifter linkage is operating but no power is getting to the front or rear in reverse or drive. Any ideas on where I should start?
  6. SC Forester

    SOLD Upstate SC FJ40 3 Speed Transmission and Transfer Case

    3 speed transmission and transfer case. Has a plate adapter to hook up to a SBC I am including with it. $175
  7. S

    For Sale North Carolina R150F

    For sale is a 2012 R150F 5 speed transmission and transfer case. Came out of a 2022 Prado with 5LE. Has the electronics on it (see pics). This only has 40km on it. You'll need a bellhousing as I needed the bellhousing to mate a different tranny on my 5LE engine. $1500.00
  8. ivansolis10


    Hey Guys! I have a question, I recently bought a 1993 LandCruiser 80 series 1HDT and everything works just fine just having problems with the transmission that the 1st and 2nd gear have trouble to engage, the 1st gear you actually have to fully stop the car and second gear you have to move...
  9. J

    Handbreak issues

    Hello. I have a 1984 HJ47 Landcruiser I've been working on for a long time. I'm currently stuck on installing a handbrake cable. The catch is I can't use a stock handbrake cable because some of the car is from a 60 series Landcruiser. I am pretty sure the 4 speed transmission is from a 60...
  10. MiguelDelgado20

    transmission oil leak lx 470

    Today I decided to repair some things and I found this transmission oil leak, someone knows how to repair it. that is one of the pipes leading to the front of the vehicle
  11. chap79

    TSB-0092-20 For A/T ECU

    Since a number of folks have complained about the shifting in the 3rd gens I’ve attached the TSB addressing this issue. I went to the dealer and had them flash the ECU in November and can say that it made a huge improvement. The truck holds gears much better and actually will stay in 4th...
  12. amodal1

    For Sale San Jose, CA: used 1fzfe engine + A343F transmission

    I totaled my 1997 80 series last winter. I bought a '96 to replace it and have been swapping parts since. I had recently installed a newly rebuilt motor before the crash, so I pulled that motor and transmission to install on the new truck. Basically, I knew the engine/trans well from my wrecked...
  13. N

    1978 HJ45 2WD not working

    I just bought a restored 1978 HJ45 and the 2WD stopped working. All of the 4WD options work but when I shift the 4WD back to neutral then the gear won’t engage as shift through them. I can also shift to gear and take my foot off the clutch and the car won’t stall.
  14. Offroad40

    1970 FJ40 3 on the tree, Clutch problem?

    I have a 1970 fj40 and a few weeks back I went to drive it and found that when I let the clutch out the car would not move. I was able to change gears but that did not matter, no matter what gear I was in the car would not move. I thought something withing the clutch mechanism had failed, so I...
  15. Jody Meade

    For Sale Scranton PA-2002-LX470 Transmission

    For sale is an 02 Lexus LX470 transmission with torque converter included. Part has 130k miles on it and is in excellent working condition. Part is located in Northeast Pennsylvania right outside Scranton. $900 AND IT'S YOURS. Will ship but you pay freight.
  16. F

    Loose Flywheel - Is there a possible way to tighten it without removing the transmission?

    After replacing all the main bearings and rod bearing because I believe there was a knock coming from the engine, I went to turn the engine by and and noticed that the flywheel was loose and was most likely the reason for the engine knock (the bearings weren't great so the change should be ok)...
  17. R

    Need advice on tires for FJ62

    Hello, I just put a 2.5 inch old man emu suspension on my fj62. I currently have 31 inch K02's but I was thinking about upgrading to the 33 inch KO2's. My concern is that I am going to be putting too much stress on my transmission with the larger tires and that the truck will be become a slug...
  18. R

    Need Advice on 1989 FJ62 Shifting Issues

    Hello! I just recently purchased a FJ62 with 200,000 miles on it from a friend and have been driving it for about two weeks. It was shifting fine until I was going up a steep grade on the highway where I had to push the gas pedal all the way down. Ever since then the shifting as been very rough...
  19. E

    Road to Recovery: Strawberry Milkshake Clean-Up Help ( 100 Series, I know right?)

    Hey All, I am going to be doing a larger post with my entire situation surrounding the unfortunate circumstances ( quick hint: Denso radiator from Amazon fulfilled by Parts Geek) that led to the thing you never ever want to see: Long story short, I have done a few things to get past this...
  20. fj302

    For Sale PA F engine + 4 speed trans + transfer case

    F155 engine last ran 5 years ago sitting in storage shed. I just hooked a battery to it turns over and oil looks clean. New plugs. $500 4 speed trans and transfer case $350 Scranton Pa
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