1. sunrk

    Upgrading swaybar chassis links from early to later style

    I've revitalised the front swaybar - swaybar itself has been fully repainted after physical cleanup with the three-step POR-15 process (with two coats of POR-15 gloss black not just one). Chassis links replaced with later ball-joint style instead of retaining the earlier link pin and bush style...
  2. 97LandonCruiser

    For Sale  80 series: 6" Springs, Sway Bar Extension Brackets, Stock Parts

    I have some random parts that I ended up acquiring or not using on my build. Prefer to trade for other land cruiser parts or sell for cash. - Brand new set of Iron Man 4x4 6" Springs (front and rear). You can finally clear those 37-40" tires you always wanted :) - 450 - Two sets of Ironman...
  3. BMThiker

    Sway Bar links, surgery involved

    So, my lift has been putting the hurt on my sway bar links on the rear axle. The stock length throws off the angle and they rake forward after the geometry of the lift is applied. My threads on the top of the link stud eventually just gave way and rusted so much that it was difficult to remove...
  4. wngrog

    Putting a swaybar on 1984 rear axle

    I’ve been using my FJ60 for longer trips now that I’ve got a new fuel injected motor. I am about to put a RTT on it for the first time. I’ve been running an Alloy ARB roof rack with some weight on it but not quite as much as the new FrontRunner/AutoHome Columbus will be. Suspension now is an...
  5. RFB

    For Sale  new WHITELINE front swaybar for 80 32mm

    not going to use it ordered fr/rr using rear only take it away located in mass. 275.00 or you pay shipping. in hand now all paperwork whiteline packaging etc. comes with new land cruiserphil quik disconnects text me 508-718-8253
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