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  1. Olallafj40

    Wanted  OEM FJ40 Wheels with Hub Clips

    I am located in Washington, looking for 4 or 5 OEM wheels with hub cap clips for a FJ40. Willing to pay for shipping or pick up if semi-local. If interested in trading...I want to get rid of the aluminum wheels that are on the vehicle now.
  2. a_traut_man

    For Sale  2003 Land Cruiser 5 Wheel Set - Austin TX/OKC - $350 OBO

    Full set of stock 18" wheels off 2003 Land Cruiser. Silver and could definitely use some refinishing. Oxidation, peeling coating, scuffs, gouges but structurally in good shape. Is for wheels only. Asking $350 for the set but open to offers. Would prefer not to ship but open to doing so...
  3. Utah62

    For Sale  Fj60/Fj62 Complete Set of 5 Stock Wheels and Tires

    Fj60/Fj62 Complete Set of 5 Stock Wheels and Tires. Hub sleeves and caps as well. 4 matching nearly new 235/75r15 tires, spare unmatching but in decent shape. Located in Utah.
  4. BillZ260

    For Sale  '02 LX 16" Stock Wheels - Set of 5 w/ 3 Good Michelin M/S tires

    Set of 4 Chrome, 1 Silver (spare) wheels 2002 LX470 Wheels with Michelin 265/75/16's. 2 tires are pretty worn, 2 have about 10K miles on them and one is just about brand new, has maybe 2k or so on it. Full set of lug nuts, about 1/2 of them are new. At least one chrome wheel is flaking. The...
  5. F

    Wanted  4 stock wheels (15")

    Looking for 4 stock wheels. I have white wagon wheels right now, but want to go back to stock. I don't care is the paint is bad as I'll be powdercoating anyway. I'm located in North Carolina.
  6. J

    Stock wheels for 75 FJ40

    My FJ is a 1975 and I'm curious if these wheels are stock for this year and color? Seems like they are missing the hubcaps which I really want to add, but you don't see the hubs on white wheels much. I know the wheels are original and when the FJ was restored, the wheels were powder coated...
  7. S

    Any issues mounting T/A KO2 on stock wheels & no lift

    Hey everyone! I am a newbie and look forward to learning from y'all. Just bought a 2011 LC, I am pumped!! Unfortunately it came with street tires. I have the T/A KO2 on my 4runner and I love them. Forgive a stupid question, can I mount some T/A KO2 285/60R 18s on the stock rims without lifting...
  8. fj55-100

    Making stock wheels wider fj55

    This started as a what wheel do i want , I have old school indy slot mags on it now (cause Im old). and had a set of western mag wheels on before that . and have run the walker evans beadlocks off my trail rig (86 $runner 3.4 supercharged , caged ,bla bla bla ect) . but cant seem to find a wheel...
  9. doanlaw

    For Sale  2003 stock Land Cruiser rims for sale

    Set of 4 in great shape, I replace these with my stock rims off my 11 cruiser which were replaced by method forged Bead lockers. These wheels are forged and are lighter than all the aftermarket wheels if anyone is debating on replacing their stock wheels, unless you're going to a forged...
  10. T

    For Sale  TX: 5 LX450 Wheels

    I have 5 '97 LX450 wheels available for sale in the Houston, TX area. Asking $250 for the set. The previous owner had 1 LandCruiser/3 LX center caps on the wheels which I can include as well.
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