snow plow

  1. D


    Pulling this out of the 1972 FJ40 that I just sold. Working condition. Trying to sell it before I leave town this week. Asking $1200 or make me an offer. In Raeford, NC. Thanks!
  2. D

    For Sale  1978 FJ40 Myers snow plow

    1978 FJ40 snow plow and hardware for sale, plow blade needs work but the pump works great. I have the original instructions also 1250.00 obo must pick up
  3. SnowPlow75FJ40

    eBay  1975 FJ40 with Snow Plow - My FJ40 listing on ebay

    Loooooonnnng time lurker on ih8mud but new member. You all are a wealth of information. Electrical, Carburetor, Brakes, Front Hubs, Land Cruiser Body Styles, History, etc. THANK YOU all very much! You are greatly appreciated. Here is my ebay listing . . ...
  4. V

    simplest way to get my snow plow going

    Is there a simple, easy to rebuild, readily available at a junkyard carb that I can throw on my 72 FJ40 with a 75 2F engine so that I can get my damned snow plowed? Don't care about economy or lots of power. Just something that runs without loading up and stalling. Something that starts well...
  5. brakasha

    80 Series Snow Plowing

    Hey gang, I was looking into getting a plow for my 80 series, and had seen a few other threads with pretty limited information on where I should turn for parts/fabrication if necessary, with many of the links to mount parts and etc having broken years ago. Does anyone know the best...
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