80 Series Creeper Sleeper Skidplate

    All, I have acquired the Creeper Sleeper 80 series skidplate jig. These will be available soon and with a few changes. Please PM me if interested. Jason
  2. BMThiker

    All Pro skids for FJC refresh

    I've been beating the snot out of my skids since 2007. Last summer I started thinking about re-doing my skids and finally came to the conclusion that I would be better off just replacing them, instead of attempting to fix/straighten or fabricate something myself. I contacted All Pro and showed...
  3. 65swb45

    For Sale Very early skidplate, SoCal

    moving things around the yard this morning I noticed an iteration of skidplate I am not familiar with. It has the spread of a standard 3speed plate, as well as the drain hole pattern. However, it does not have the front lip. It also sports a well on the driver's side that is not on any of my...
  4. I

    For Sale 96 LX450 axles e-lockers (fzj80) And more

    I have been hit by some unexpected life expenses and need to sell some parts (part out what's left of my buggy project) For sale A nice pair of 96 lx450 e-locker axles. Disc brake front and rear 4.10 some surface rust but tubes are in good shape and still retain some stock paint Location...
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