side cover

  1. mrjordann

    Oil Pan/Side Cover Bolts for 5/1973 F engine?

    Hi. Does anyone have the bolt sizes for the oil pan and side cover bolts? Also looking for those three bolts that hold the steering column to the firewall. Thank you.
  2. MAO

    Wanted 2F dented side cover, drive shafts, 4speed tranny and tcase

    self explanatory tittle. let me know what you have. shipped to 92154
  3. Redgrrr

    For Sale 2F dented side cover and big cap distributor.

    Side cover with hardware off a FJ60 2F and matching big cap distributor. $125. Pm me if interested.
  4. 4Cruisers

    Wanted 2F Dented Side Cover

    I'm planning on installing an FJ60 distributor/coil/igniter in my '76 FJ40 and need a dented side cover from an FJ60 (or later FJ40).
  5. DoubleNickels

    Wanted Dented 2F Side Cover (Boise, Idaho)

    I'm looking for a side cover for a 2F engine - the side cover needs to be "dented" in to allow clearance with a large-cap distributor (meaning a later-model 2F engine). Please respond or PM me if you have one laying around. Used and haggered is just fine. Thanks! -Calvin
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