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  1. T

    MUDShip  New Jersey to Minneapolis

    Hi All, I am looking to have a couple of front seats and brackets shipped from New Jersey to Edina (Minneapolis) area. Anyone driving this route and can work it out?
  2. billiam

    Payment & shipping recommendations?

    I've bought & sold things on craigslist and the like face to face with cash but the items I've posted here on classifieds are the first where it looks like I'll be shipping and figuring out some sort of online payment process. I completely understand a buyer not wanting to pay until they've...
  3. ATT00001 (1).jpg

    ATT00001 (1).jpg

    shipping leaf springs via USPS
  4. djzimms

    Wanted  Help with Delivery of Sold Item

    I had heard that there was somewhere to post to see if Mud members were traveling from one destination to another and would be willing to accept a payment to help deliver items. I have someone who wants to purchase a LX450 hood from me, but...the local Pakmail is stating over $500 from Tucson...
  5. B

    MUDShip  FJ80 (non-starting) Hamilton, Va. to Rutland, Ma

    Hi, Looking to ship a parts car from Hamilton, Va. to Rutland, Ma. The car is a non-starting FJ 80. I can be flexible on dates, but looking for April/early May delivery. Willing to work with another person in the Ma. area interested in parts to split costs. Thanks,

    Wanted  [FL] Anyone in or around Orlando that can help me?

    I found some seats for my 60 series that I'd really like to buy, but the guy won't ship them. I'm in Maine, seats (2 front) are in Orlando, Florida. I was hoping I could ask someone to lend a hand by picking up and sending them my way? I could pay or trade parts maybe? I know it's a long...
  7. adventuremobile

    MUDShip  Denver to NYC May 1-May 4

    I will be driving from Denver to NYC, leaving May 1, arriving May 4, pulling an empty enclosed 5x8 cargo trailer. If anyone needs anything transported between those cities (or anywhere relatively convenient in between) I am happy to work something out.
  8. Patty Whack

    Yukon Gear and Febest axle parts

    Anybody use either of these brands? gotta do some axle work and may have to buy some parts amazon style, as its pretty hard to get what i need here. Plus the OEM stuff is hyper expensive, if i can get it. Standard freight shipping from the mainland for parts can be more than the parts. If...
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