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  1. LittleJohn

    H55F Full Service Manual with "mechanics notes"

    Hello everyone. I'm just getting to the tail end of a h55f rebuild. I had the FSM for the whole thing and it was extremely helpful, but I think we can do better. As I was going through I was making notes in the book about small things. Stuff like where you can use a brass drift instead of...
  2. 1

    IH  Wanted international scout 800 service manual Ct-2302

    i have searched the internet far and wide I need a service manual fora 1969 international scout 800a that I recently picked up...I have owed close to 40 vehicles in my life and I've never not been able to find a FREE digital copy of the service manual for a's really sad when...
  3. thatcabledude

    Wanted  94/93 FZJ80 Electrical service manual EWD

    Looking for a EWD book for 93-94 FZJ80. Hell, I'd be happy just to rent it if I had too. Thanks in advance, Chris
  4. creehad

    For Sale  1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Factory Service Manual - TX

    1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Factory Service Manual -Little wear on the cover, overall good condition. No missing pages. Location: Amarillo, Texas USA $150
  5. dogfishlake

    Where do I find a FSM in print form?

    Like the title says, i'm looking to drop the $$ on a print version factory service manual. I've got the digital one but would rather just have the book. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a MUD vendor that sells them or just look on ebay? Also, there seems to be first and second print...
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