1. R

    Getting BJ40 from Costa Rica to USA

    Hi guys We are new Land Cruiser owners and also new to the forum. So apologies if this is not posted the right thread... My brother, girlfriend and I just bought a 1980 BJ40 in Costa Rica. It’s amazing!!! We were starting the drive back to USA but it’s now impossible due to the boarder...
  2. elripster

    Cruiser Stuck at Salton Sea

    Was posted in the San Diego Cruisers section but figured I'd post here...,Rth: stuck at salton sea Frank
  3. ontopofm

    Rth: stuck at salton sea

    Im axle deep into clay. If anyone around, please come pull me out 714-204-7758 Thanks Phuc
  4. boozewz

    Blue Sea Fuse Block Mounting Location

    Can we see some pics of where you guys have mounted these inside the wagon? Most of the images are in the "what have you done this week" thread, so the search wasn't too helpful. I am debating to put mine in the cargo hold above the bottle jack storage. Can either insert it flat horizontally...
  5. Lil'John

    Looking for help wiring a Blue Sea ACR

    Subject sort of states it. Every other piece of wiring I can figure out but Blue Sea's instructions lack and is clear as mud. Here are the main parts I'll be dealing with: Left to right items: All in one winch controller to replace all the solenoids. Temco brand: TEMCo 2 LOT 450...
  6. jamesurq

    Deep Sea Fishing - Any Interest?

    Anyone here interested in a Charter Boat Deep Sea Fishing trip? May and June are when the Mahi and Yellowfin are starting to bite. For reference: 5 people maximum per boat (certainly we can get more than one boat if there's a lot of interest) Approximately $250 per person or so for the...
  7. MScruiser

    Blue Sea Systems Fuse Box and Circuit Breaker Install

    With the installation of my new 225W spotlights, I began to consider installing an auxiliary fuse box to handle the new load, and to also allow for the installation of future accessories (lockers, floodlight, compressor, etc.). In just a few minutes of researching, I, like so many before me...
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