1. Scottbonnar

    HDJ81 Seats + Door Cards | Pricing?

    Hi All, I have a set of Sahara VX seats + door cards but am finding it very hard to work out how much the seats and the doors cards are worth. Would anyone be able to shed some light on rough pricing for these items? Note: I am in Sydney,Australia and if anyone is interested in buying them...
  2. B

    1985 hj60 (Sahara) FACTORY WIRING

    Hey guys, newbie here. Just bought a new 60s and currently decluttering the engine bay of past botched wiring jobs from now non-existing accessories to prevent any shorts happening in the future (all sorts of untaped open wires hanging about) and having a little trouble recognising whats stock...
  3. Z

    40 series cab onto a 61 sahara chassis?

    Ive been planning on putting a 12HT and 5spd into a HJ47, when I thaught of putting the 40 series body onto a sahara rolling chassis. So my question is can it be done and is it worth the hassle of moving all the cab mounts to fit and what other mods need to be made to make it all fit and run...
  4. nisala4423

    Help with 1st gear :)

    Hello guys how are you i have a 1hz engine with my 80 :) i have been noticing my engine with 1st gear when i rev up something strange vibration coming from 1st gear :( something of a wired feeling in steering wheels and its like under compressor but running fine. also this is a anther problem...
  5. yonah

    Wanted Wanted: 08-11 ARB Sahara bullbar/bumper

    Mud, I'd like to pick up an ARB Sahara bullbar/bumper (part no. ARB3915040). My plan is to paint it Super White to match my LC, so a gently used bar with some scuffs and scratches would fit my intended use. I can provide my OEM bumper and crash bar if you have one and are planning on...
  6. Munsta

    No CDL or ABS lights

    No CDL light or ABS light in L range Hi all I just bought this beautiful restored 93 HDJ80R Sahara with the 1HDT engine. It's full time AWD but hasn't been in L for about 5 years. It has ABS brakes and no CDL switch. When I turn the ignition on I got no CDL or ABS lights on the dash at all...
  7. M


    Bumper came off my 99 cruiser. Has a white powder coat over the factory black. Slight mostly cosmetic driver side wing damage (pictures to illustrate). The rest of the bumper is intact, airbag crush zones etc. You will need the hardware and rubber buffers, I took the liberty to call ARB for the...
  8. A

    ARB Sahara Bar on LX450

    I have a 1996 LX450 and am in the market for a new bumper. I have seen this 80 Series for sale in Australia and it appears to have a Safari bar fitted: 1991 Toyota LandCruiser 80 SERIES 1HDT FACTORY TURBO DIESEL | Cars, Vans & Utes | Gumtree Australia Wanneroo Area - Mindarie | 1143885080 I...
  9. gpxl

    Arb Sahara (rubber extrusion, mount strips) install question

    I'm installing an Arm Sahara bumper on my LX470 and I can't figure out how to install the rubber extrusions on the wings due to the horrible image quality in the instructions. It's step 11 & 12 where I'm supposed to insert mount strips into the rubber extrusion and screw them in. The mount...
  10. S

    Wanted Aftermarket bumpers (ARB, Slee, TJM, etc.) 98-07 LC

    Wanting to upgrade the current bumper to something much better armored.
  11. J

    Im looking for hj61 parts!

    Hi guys! Im looking for brown door trim cards for a twin headlight model vx sahara hj61 in brown. Also a bolt on rear ladder. Thankyou!
  12. Nasr Qaisar

    HJ61 Battery problems - melting terminals

    Hi Guys Absolute newbie to posting on Ih8mud but have been leeching off of your excellent forums for the past few years now. Six months ago, I finally bought a 89 Sahara FJ62G converted to a HJ with a 12HT diesel swap(previous owner's handiwork). The problem I am having is that the...
  13. SAM1HDT

    Standard vs Sahara headlights.

    Hey guys, I have done a search, but can't find any info on this. Do either setup have better light output? The standard/gxl are physically bigger headlights. But I don't know if the sahara are better designed for light output... $300 on ebay can get a set of sahara headlights. Don't know if...
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