roof rust

  1. riffman12

    help with mild roof rust

    I recently made a thread about my roof rack removal experience on my '97. None of the nutserts spun on me and the bolts came out relatively smoothly. After threading in some new bolts, the nutserts are still holding plenty of torque. However, I was hoping I could get some advice here on how...
  2. D

    FJ60 Restoration thread...I h8 rust!

    I bought a great 1985 metallic blue FJ60 with 103k miles on it in October. It had roof rust on both sides but everything else was great including interior. I drove it around various body shops but nobody wanted to touch it. Finally I met the guys American Custom Classics in Hollister, California...
  3. D

    New FJ60 owner in Northern California

    I never thought twice about FJ60's until a buddy of mine told me his brother had one for sale for $3500. After going online and checking them out I was hooked. I scrolled through a bunch of posts on this site and immediately called him and bought it. I was in the market for a new car and I...
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