1. 89GASHOG

    Wanted fj62 headlight mounting rings

    I'm looking for the outboard mounting rings, plus springs and screws if anyone has them. My retaining rings seem to be OK, but I'd take those too. As seen in this diagram 81113, etc. RING, SEALED BEAM MOUNTING, NO.1 RH. HEADLAMP (LAND CRUISER (FJ62)) for 1989 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER. #8111390B04...
  2. 1966FJ40

    Help needed looking for the rings that go into a early 1F Siamese ports

    Hello I'm looking for the small rings that go into a Siamese port intake manifold for a 1966 FJ40!
  3. 1966FJ40

    Wanted Help needed! Looking for the rings that go into the intake manifold for a early 1F engine!

    Hello I'm to buy the rings that go into the intake manifold for a early Siamese port intake! Please let me know if you have any for sale or can recommend me somewhere!
  4. Fulmar

    Rock Warrior Rings

    I picked up a set of 4 RWs, but they don't have rings. Looking for a set to purchase. Thanks!
  5. Fulmar

    Wanted Rock Warrior Rings

    Looking for a set up 4 rock warrior "beadlock" rings. Email me at brady dot tim at comcast dot net. Thanks!
  6. G

    Fzj80 tone rings

    Hey all, long time member mainly just a surfer. I'm in the middle of doing some custom projects, and am wondering the tooth count and out side diameter, end of tooth to tooth, of the front tone rings. Trying to get the numbers for my math problem thanks all in advance. -T
  7. Markuson

    Drawer Tie-Downs on Steroids

    Overkill? Probably. But solid as a rock, and super versatile for any number of individual items like fridge, boxes, microwave (yes, I'm running one after a win with a high power inverter), or temporary things like wheelchairs ( I know all about how rattle and slide-prone wheelchairs are!). You...
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