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    Lower strut mount wire brushed then painted with rust inhibiting primer
  2. W

    Fj40 repaint $$

    for those that have done it, what is a ballpark figure a good paint shop to respray a 40. Sand beige, no rust repair. ohio area. Just trying to get an idea for possible purchase. Thank you.
  3. DocuDude

    Need to repaint my already re-painted Hood. What's best?

    So I painted my faded hood two years ago, and though it looks better than faded, my rookie painting mistakes are apparent. The paint is not even, lighter/darker streaks etc. It makes my otherwise rust-free, non-accident truck look crappy. And yes, I went to an auto-paint store and had them mix...
  4. M

    Repaint needed on some body panels; how to strip the old off ?

    Hi, After years of sun light , parking lot hits , trail rides , and hunting trips and kids learning to drive the clear coat is gone on some of the fj80 panels . In addition some panels like fenders and the hood have damage . So the hood ,fenders, valance , and back gates are coming off . I'm...
  5. Pommy

    Surprise BJ42 strip down and rebuild!

    Hi guys, So several months ago I bought an unregistered BJ42 (3B Diesel) with the intention of getting a few minor issues fixed up and get it out on the road as my new daily driver... Turns out that I wasn't as thorough as I had originally intended when I looked over the vehicle before buying...
  6. konradjk

    Woodbineman's FJ62 refresh to stock in BC

    Long time listener, first time caller. Using this to track the progress of my FJ62 refresh into a daily driver. Quick history, I am a long time Toyota fan (amongst many other classics) and own a sweet 1995 Tacoma LX pickup (3RZ, manual hubs, 5 spd) that I've had for 12 years and that I use...
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